10 Best Squarespace Agency Template

10 Best Squarespace Agency Template

When starting a new agency, perhaps in marketing or housing, for example, you will want a great website to attract new clients to your services. In this article, we go through the best Squarespace agency template for you to choose from for your new agency website.

Why You Would Want the Best Squarespace Template for an Agency?

When starting a new agency business you will want to set up a great Squarespace website that attracts new clients. Many of the templates are minimal to showcase the high-quality images that you choose to represent your brand. Some templates offer lazy loading of images which can help reduce the bounce rate on your website.

You might want to have eCommerce capabilities to take bookings for clients for your agency. It’s also important to offer social proof and you can do this by adding social buttons, reviews, and resumes.

A blog is an important feature to have on your website. When combined with the right SEO (search engine optimization) strategy you can use your blog to reach a wider audience and increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. The higher your ranking on social media the more potential customers you will attract.

In this article, we showcase ten of the best Squarespace agency templates, which one will you choose to use?


Mojave Highlights:

  • A striking website with a white background.
  • Add videos to increase interest.
  • Monetize your website.
  • Call to action buttons to increase interest.

This template will enable you to have a striking template with a white background for your agency website. There’s the option for a blog that can support your SEO (search engine optimization) by using the right keywords and strategy. You can add videos to increase interest in your website and you can also monetize your website. Using a call to action is a great way to get customers to sign up for your mailing list so you can keep in touch with them.

Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template

Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • Take bookings with this app.
  • Showcase your blog posts.
  • A minimalist theme.
  • Include a call to action button.

You can use this portfolio template to showcase your agency and attract new customers with a blog and the right SEO strategy. It has a white background to show off your photos. A hidden menu on the left-hand side will help visitors to your site to navigate your agency website with ease. A call to action button will help you collect emails and inquiries. You can also connect to customers on social media to encourage them to keep up with your news and you can also take bookings for your agency with this app.

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A great choice for blogging.
  • Make the most of the images attached to your blog posts.
  • A minimalist grid-based design.
  • Mobile-responsive app.

This is a great template for your agency where you can use your blog to share information and news about your agency to encourage clients. So for example, if you run a marketing agency you can offer tips and advice to build proof of your expertise and then if a client can’t keep up with their website updates, for example, they are more likely to come to your agency for services. You can showcase images with this minimalist grid-based template. The fast loading will reduce your bounce rate and it is mobile responsive.


Kent Highlights:

  • Inspire your clients with your blog.
  • eCommerce options.
  • Easily upload photos of products for this template.
  • Include videos to increase conversions.

This popular template focuses on creating a blog that you can use to showcase the skills and knowledge that you have as your agency business. You can keep your clients updated with your news and attract new followers with a great SEO strategy for your blogs. This template offers eCommerce options. You can also add videos that can help you increase conversions. Research has shown that adding videos to your website can increase conversions by 80%, and by hosting them on YouTube, you can increase conversions and not slow down your website. Videos are also great for improving SEO.


Almar Highlights:

  • Great for blogging and sharing your journey.
  • Add call-to-action buttons.
  • Add monetization to your website.
  • Quickly build a website with this template.

This template offers you great features to set up your agency website. You can have a blog to attract new clients with the right SEO. You can add eCommerce options and call-to-action buttons to link clients to your social media. This is a ready-made template that will help you set up a website with ease. It’s also fast ranking so your bounce rate should be good and you should be able to increase conversions. The ready-made Squarespace template also allows you to easily monetize your website with ease, allowing your website to an important part of your business.


Suffolk Highlights:

  • The homepage is clean and minimalistic.
  • Display a hero image on your homepage.
  • A sticky menu that improves engagement.
  • With fast loading times, you can be sure of a high rank on Google.

This is a great template with a call to action button on the homepage, this can be a great option to get visitors to your website to sign up for your mailing list or follow you on social media so they can keep up to date with your blogs. It has a clean and minimalist homepage where you can display a hero image to define your agency, and it helps to set the tone for the whole website.

There is a sticky menu to aid navigation on your site, allowing all page options to be displayed to the user as they scroll down the website. There are eCommerce options too. It has a fast loading time to help with SEO.

Sofia Rey – Freelancer Squarespace Template

Sofia Rey – Freelancer Squarespace Template Highlights

  • A fully customizable theme.
  • Easy-to-edit contact page.
  • Include reviews and social media buttons for trust factors.
  • A simple theme with a menu to aid navigation.

This is a fully customizable template that is ideal for taking bookings for services from your agency. You can also take payments with this template. There’s a contact page that is easy to edit and you can include social media buttons to increase trust with your clients. There’s also a resume section to share your expertise and the simple menu will help visitors to your website to navigate your website.


Alameda Highlights:

  • Quick view option of your services.
  • Lazy loading of images.
  • Highlight your best services.
  • Increase conversions with this template.

This template is ideal for a small website that hasn't got lots of products like an agency. You can showcase services that you offer and highlight services that are the most popular. You can support these services with great photos. These images will load with lazy loading which will support your website speed. This template can help you increase conversions.


Myhra Highlights:

  • eCommerce capabilities.
  • Improve your SEO with a blog.
  • Lots of features with this template.
  • A customizable template.

This great template will offer you lots of features to add to your agency website. It will enable you to book clients for your agency. You can also use a blog to write about your skills and experiences to attract potential clients to your website. This is a customizable template so you can work on the SEO to increase your ranking.

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A minimalist template.
  • Ecommerce capabilities.
  • A simple template.
  • Potential to rank highly with this fast-loading template.

This is a great, basic, and minimalist template that can help you take bookings for your agency. It has eCommerce capabilities. By adding great images to your website you can attract clients to your website. With this simple template, you can rank highly by using the right keywords and SEO strategy on your website. It's a fast-loading website so should keep your bounce rate low.

Final Word:The 10 Best Squarespace Agency Template

When you are starting up an agency you will want a great website to attract clients to your services. A minimalist website is a good idea to showcase images that support your agency. You will also want to include a blog. A blog is ideal when using keywords and the right SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to attract new clients. You’ll also want a website that is fast loading and optimized for both mobile and desktop because this also helps with your ranking on Google and other search engines. Good luck with your new venture. Which Squarespace agency template will you choose to use?