Can I Import or Export Style on Squarespace?

Can I Import or Export Style on Squarespace?

If there is a style that you’ve found interesting elsewhere, like on another Squarespace website or while browsing the internet and you’ve been able to get hold of that style for uploading onto a website, you might want to know whether you can on Squarespace. This is possible, but there are lots of limitations that probably mean you cannot do it.

For instance, the import and export of style tweaks are only possible for Circle members who are using Squarespace version 7.0. They must also have access to Tweaks 2.0. Tweaks 2.0 is available on any Squarespace website that is running version 7.0 but you’ve got to have permission to edit the account associated with the Circle membership. If this is the case, then you will not need to manually install or enable the features allowed.

If you have These Features

If you have the requirements as listed above, then you can see the features that are available to you by first going to the ‘Home Menu’ and then clicking on the ‘Design’ option. When in there you should select the option that reads ‘Site Styles’ and then using the search bar at the top, find the specific tweaks. Or you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Import and Export buttons.

This feature allows you to download Tweaks as a JSON file but custom modifications to CSS will not be imported.

If you’re looking to import a new set of Tweaks to your website, then it is highly recommended that you export your current Tweaks to prevent them from being lost. Once gone, they cannot be recovered and if there is something you don’t like about the new tweaks, you can’t change back.

You should also only import Tweaks JSON file to a template within the same family as the original. Otherwise only the Tweaks that have the same name and options will update on your website. In addition, if you’re previewing a template when exporting, the Tweaks being exported are going to be specific to the template.

Final Word: Can I Import or Export Style on Squarespace?

Yes, you can import and export styles on Squarespace, but only if you’re running version 7.0 and you’re a Circle Forum member. And there are some risks to this process. It can mean that you have to completely recreate your website if something goes wrong on your website and you lose your previous tweaks. In addition, you cannot get support from Squarespace for this.