Can I Restrict Gift Cards to Certain Items on Squarespace?

Can I Restrict Gift Cards to Certain Items on Squarespace?

Sometimes as a business owner, you might want to restrict what your gift cards can be redeemed against on your website. For instance, you might have products or services where you would rather take normal payments.

Squarespace has a great gift card system on the website. Customers are given a digital code that they can enter in the checkout to redeem the value off their order when they’re in the checkout. However, you cannot restrict your website’s gift cards from certain products on your website. No matter what product the customer has in their cart can be paid for by a gift card.

Does this Include Membership/Subscription Services?

There are some exceptions to this rule, however. If the customer is paying a one-off fee to become a member of your website, if you run a membership scheme, then the gift card can still be used against the value of the membership.

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Gift cards however cannot be used for your website’s subscription products or membership areas of your website where there are recurring membership fees. In these cases, the customer will have to use a credit/debit card to make the payment and continue to pay for these services.

What are the Best Options

If you’re looking to restrict the use of your gift cards to certain items on Squarespace then there are two options.

The first is to not accept any gift cards on your website at all. This might affect some sales on your website as some people will want to buy a gift card for their friend or family. If you don’t offer it, someone might go to another website and make a purchase there if they can get the same or a comparative product from that website.

The second option is to not sell the products that you want to exempt from the gift cards. You might prefer to sell those products on another website. This might be a good idea if they’re more niche than other products on your website.

A final option is that you accept the scenario. After all, you don’t lose out on money from the gift card purchase, the money has already been paid to you, just by the buyer, not the recipient and was probably done a long time ago. You might prefer not to invest money that has been paid for gift cards to know where to invest it when someone makes a purchase using the gift card. Or you could just accept that some of the money has already entered your business.

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Understanding Gift Card Restrictions on Squarespace

Exploring Gift Card Limitations

Gift cards on Squarespace offer flexibility, yet it's crucial to understand their limitations. While Squarespace allows the creation and management of gift cards, it does not natively support restricting them to specific items or services. This means that once a gift card is issued, it can be applied to any product or service available in your Squarespace store.

Navigating Through Workarounds

Creative solutions can help achieve a similar outcome. One approach is to create unique products or services that are only purchasable with specific gift cards. This method involves setting up items in your inventory that are designated for gift card purchases only, effectively guiding customers towards certain products when using their gift cards.

Implementing Alternative Strategies

Another strategy involves manual monitoring and communication. You can track gift card usage and inform customers about the intended use of specific gift cards. This method relies on clear communication and customer cooperation, ensuring they use the gift cards as intended for select items or services.

Maximizing Gift Card Usage

Understanding the Scope

While Squarespace's gift card feature is broad, knowing its scope helps in maximizing its usage. Gift cards can be used for any purchase on your site, including products, services, and even shipping fees. This wide applicability makes them a versatile tool for customer engagement and sales promotion.

Leveraging Customer Engagement

Engaging with customers about gift card usage can enhance their shopping experience. Informing them about the flexibility and potential uses of gift cards can encourage broader use, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Effective communication about the benefits and applicability of gift cards can foster a positive shopping environment.

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Enhancing Sales Strategies

Incorporating gift cards into sales strategies can boost revenue. By promoting gift cards as a versatile purchasing tool, you can attract a wider customer base. Offering gift cards during promotions or as rewards can also incentivize repeat purchases, turning one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Understanding and leveraging the full potential of gift cards within your Squarespace store is a key aspect of E-Commerce and Monetization, offering a versatile tool for customer engagement and sales promotion.

Conclusion: Can I Restrict Gift Cards to Certain Items on Squarespace?

There’s no way that you can restrict gift card usage on Squarespace. There are automatically some restrictions in place like customers cannot use the gift card for repeat/subscription products/services. However, they can use gift cards for other products.

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