Can I Set Different Styles for Each Section or Page on Squarespace?

Can I Set Different Styles for Each Section or Page on Squarespace?

Different pages might require you to have different styles than the rest of the website. This is often true when different pages are trying to reach a different audience or need to have a different aspect. This can be very tricky on numerous website platforms as once a style has been set on a webpage, then you are often stuck on that style for the rest of the website.

With Squarespace, it is possible for you to use different styles for different sections or pages. However, it is not always the best use of your resources or time.

Why you Shouldn’t use Different Styles for Each Section or Page on Squarespace?

Your website is part of your marketing. The more unified and controlled it is the better it will perform. Part of that image on your website is the font and style that you’re using. If your website constantly changes between different styles and fonts on your website, then users will become confused and this can cause them to abandon your website as they no longer trust your brand.

In contrast, by using just one style across your website you’re aligning your entire marketing and building trust with the audience. It also looks more professional to the audience.

Are There Times When Different Styles are Needed?

There might be some times when a different style is required to be added to your website. This could be because you’re trying to reach a different audience. For instance, event centres might try to have a kids activity page where they would like a more kid-friendly style added to the page. The rest of the website will be specifically aimed at adults, therefore a more neutral font could be used.

Another example is if you’ve got pages for those who struggle to read and might need a different font on your website.

Adding a different style to a section or pages to Squarespace is relatively simple if you have enough coding experience and knowledge. It will require you to change the CSS files of your Squarespace website. This doesn’t take long at all, only about five minutes, but there is a potential for mistakes to happen that can cause unknown errors to happen on your website.

Final Word: Can I Set Different Styles for Each Section or Page on Squarespace?

Yes, you can set different styles for each section or page on Squarespace, but this isn’t always the best option for your brand. Therefore, if you try to do this, think about whether it is a valuable asset to your brand or whether people will be annoyed by the changes on the page. Also, be sure that you have the necessary CSS skills to complete the project.