Does Squarespace Have Gift Cards?

Does Squarespace Have Gift Cards?

Squarespace does offer you the chance to sell gift cards and accept them as payment on your website. These are a special product that the recipients will be given a code that can be used to subtract the value off their cart total.

Gift Card Limitations

There are some gift card limitations that are placed on your Squarespace website. For instance, Squarespace doesn’t create or ship physical gift cards. They are instead unique digital codes that are sent to the recipient. They also do not expire, a gift card can be redeemed by the customer at any time, even if the customer bought the card years ago.

When making a purchase, the customer will be directed to the checkout after clicking on the Purchase option. The gift cards do not support any custom forms or fields within the process. In addition, when a gift card is used by a customer against a cart total, the value is subtracted from the order total. This will include tax and shipping.

Customers can also split the payment of an order between a gift card and credit/debit card. Therefore, they’re an effective gift for your customers to give to their friends/family.

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Can Gift Cards Move Between Sites?

When you want to switch between websites, like if you have multiple eCommerce sites or you want to move from 7.0 to 7.1 Squarespace, all the gift cards will not be transferred. However, if your site expires but you later have to reactive the website, then the gift cards will still be valid on your website.

Customers also have other special abilities when it comes to gift cards. For instance, the customer can use more than one gift card per order and they can use a gift card even if the total cart amount is less than what is on the gift card. This will leave them with some gift card balance to use.

However, the customer cannot use less than the full value of the gift card when the amount on the card is less than the value of what is in the cart.

Customers can also not buy a gift card at a discounted rate. All cards are sold at their full value whether there is a sale on your website or not. But, if the customer is applying a gift card to a cart that contains products on sale, the discounted price is the one that is used by the checkout system.

Can You Refund Gift Cards?

Gift cards can be canceled and refunded with ease on your Squarespace website. However, you cannot refund or cancel gift cards that have been partially used by your customers. It is important that you place this information in your terms and conditions to prevent confusion with your audience.

At the same time, you can also refund purchases that were made with a gift card. In this scenario, the balance of the refund is added back to the card’s balance and cannot be returned in cash or on a card.

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Enhancing Your Store with Squarespace Gift Cards

Easy Setup for Digital Gift Cards

Squarespace streamlines the process of adding digital gift cards to your store. These cards, sent as unique codes via email, offer a convenient gift option for your customers, enhancing the shopping experience on your site.

Personalizing Gift Card Designs

Offering customizable designs for digital gift cards adds a personal touch. Tailoring designs for specific occasions like birthdays or anniversaries makes your gift cards more attractive and suitable for various customer needs.

Strategic Gift Card Values

Selecting appropriate gift card values is crucial for customer convenience. Offering a range of pre-set amounts allows customers to choose based on their budget, making your gift cards accessible to a broader audience.

Maximizing Gift Card Sales

Promoting Gift Cards Effectively

Effective promotion of gift cards on your website can significantly boost sales. Utilizing tools like Announcement Bars or Promotional Pop-ups draws attention to this option, encouraging more customers to consider purchasing gift cards.

Leveraging Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are an effective way to promote gift cards. By sending targeted and well-designed emails, you can directly reach your customers, informing them about the availability and benefits of purchasing gift cards from your store.

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Gift Card Management and Insights

Efficiently managing gift cards is key to a successful program. Squarespace provides tools for tracking gift card sales and usage, offering valuable insights into customer preferences and helping you refine your gift card strategy.

By leveraging E-Commerce and Monetization strategies, you can further enhance the effectiveness of your gift card promotions, driving additional revenue and customer engagement.

Conclusion: Does Squarespace Have Gift Cards?

Squarespace does have gift cards. They’re very versatile and can be used by your customers with ease. However, there are lots of things that you should know about gift cards before using them on your Squarespace website.

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