If I Change My Squarespace Template, Can I Go Back?

If I Change My Squarespace Template, Can I Go Back?

There are going to be times when you will want to change your Squarespace template and see if that makes a difference to your website’s performance. However, not every change you make will have a positive impact on the website’s success. If you’ve set a new template and you’re seeing a reduction in the number of new visitors, conversions, revenue or something else, then you might decide to change back to the old template.

Is this possible?

Can you Revert Back?

You’re always able to revert to a previously used template from your live template within Squarespace. This can be done from the ‘Templates’ panel within your dashboard. When you make the switch to the previously used template, you will see that there are design changes to your website and the site styles will also change.

This is a quick process and you can enable the change to happen within minutes. However, there are always a few things to consider.

Changing Page Allocation

Remember that when you make the switch to ensure that you move all pages back to where they should be within the site’s structure. Sometimes people make the switch and their pages disappear. The reason is often that the pages have not been assigned a spot on the website’s navigational area.

Custom CSS

If you’ve added any custom CSS to your new template, then this will be lost when you revert to the old template. Therefore, you will need to add this custom CSS again for your website to have this function on your old template.

However, if you had custom CSS on the old template, this will be reinstated as the custom CSS is attached to the template, not the website.


Likewise, all the customizations that you’ve used for your website’s header and footers will be lost when you revert to the old template. If you made changes to the old template’s header and footers, this will reappear.

You can always make changes to the header and footers.

Final Word: If I Change My Squarespace Template, Can I Go Back?

If you make a change to your Squarespace template to experiment and try to build a better website, there is always the option to revert back. This prevents you from losing out on previous hard work and revert to a design that might have been performing better.

This is not the case if you uninstall the template from your Squarespace template from your website. This would require you to re-install the template on your website and you might have to enter in some of the customizations that you had previously.

If you bought customizations from a developer, then you might need to contact the developer to see if they can re-instate the customizations to your website’s template. This might come at a small cost.