Is Squarespace Faster Than Wix?

Is Squarespace Faster Than Wix?

When comparing Squarespace and Wix there are several things that business owners tend to look at. One of the main aspects that brands look at is whether Wix or Squarespace is faster. This is a question that cannot be easily answered, but here is a list of considerations when it comes to whether Squarespace is faster than Wix.

What do we Mean by Speed for Websites?

The term speed on website development refers to the length of time that a website takes to load for the user to be able to view and interact with the website. The less time it takes for the website to load, the faster the website is.

The average website loads in about 8 to 11 seconds. Which is considered very poor by many standards. Google expects that websites should take between 1 and 4 seconds to load.

Why is Speed so Important?

Speed is vital for online success. Generally speaking, consumers are very demanding when it comes to loading times on a website. They expect the website to load within a specific time frame. For every second that it takes your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your audience. This means that even a 2 second loading time will lead to one in ten of your customers leaving your website without converting.

The average website could be losing more than three-quarters of its audience before they’ve even seen the first page on a website.

As a result, brands lose revenue based on speed. But at the same time, they also lose traffic from search engines. Those websites that are slow will often have a poorer rank on Google searches than those websites that are faster if the content is the same. This can have a massive impact on the amount of traffic that is available for the website.

The top three results within a search results page will collect about 90% of the traffic, with the rest of the results collecting about 10% between them. Therefore, being in the top three results is vital.

So is Wix or Squarespace Faster?

The thing is that neither platform is inherently faster than the other. It is how you build the website on the platform that matters. However, Wix has bandwidth controls that can slow down a website and their features and functions are more clumsy than Squarespace's. Therefore, potentially the same website built on both would see the Squarespace one perform better.

Final Word: Is Squarespace Faster Than Wix?

It all depends on the build of the website. There is more potential on Squarespace for a faster website and you’re not going to be limited by Bandwidth as you are on Wix. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fast website, it is probably best to go to Squarespace.