My Fonts and Colors Changed After Switching Squarespace Templates, Can that be Fixed?

My Fonts and Colors Changed After Switching Squarespace Templates, Can that be Fixed?

Squarespace has a very good system that allows you to switch templates at any time. However, you will notice that when you switch from one template to another, you will have a change to your fonts and colors. This is a common problem that’s related to the switching of templates.

However, it is perfectly easy to get your Squarespace website’s settings (font and colors) back to how they were before you made the change.

Why do the Fonts and Colors Change After Switching Squarespace Templates?

Fonts and colors are associated with the template that you’re using and are not stored within the main website files. Therefore, when you’re switching templates, the website will refer to the default style settings that are included within the new template. This can make your website look very different and completely change the branding of your website.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the old-style settings back for your website. You can change the font and colors of the website within the global style settings on your website.

All you need to do is to go into a page on your Squarespace website as if you’re going to edit the page. Then you can go to the style settings and change the font and colors. These need to be changed differently because they are in different settings.

What About Custom Settings

Sometimes there are times when your custom style settings have also been reset. This is the case when you’ve changed a specific page’s settings or a section on the website. These you will need to be changed individually. If you’ve got a lot of these cases on your website, it will take some time.

If I Change Back, will the Original Settings be Reinstated?

If you decide to change back to your old template, then you can be sure that the old-style settings will return to your website. This is because the old template will retain the information of all the changes that you made to it.

The only time that this will not happen is if you delete or install the template from your Squarespace website. If you do this and then reinstall the template at another date, the default settings will be loaded into the website. This can be frustrating which is why it is advised not to uninstall a template that you might want to revert back to at a later date.

Final Word: My Fonts and Colors Changed After Switching Squarespace Templates, Can that be Fixed?

When you’re changing your Squarespace template, the styles will be changed to the default of the new template. The style settings that you had will be saved in the old template but you will need to use the Global Style settings options within your new template to make any changes.

This isn’t a long process. But any custom style changes that you made to sections or pages on your site will need to be changed manually.