Squarespace Stores: Key Elements to Success

Squarespace Stores: Key Elements to Success

Squarespace is well-known for being an eCommerce website builder. Yet there are plenty of opportunities for the platform to be used online, especially if you have a limited catalog. 10% of eRetailers use Squarespace for their website. Therefore, we will provide details on what elements to include in your Squarespace Stores to make them a success.

1. Clean Design

The first and most important thing is that your Squarespace is very clean and easy to view the products. There are numerous eCommerce templates for Squarespace on the website that you can use.

Remember that it is vital that you choose the right eCommerce template the first time, as you can’t change a template once you’ve selected it.

2. Mailing List

While you might want to get people to buy when they’re first on your website, this is unlikely. The typical customer requires between five and twelve engagements with a brand to make a purchase. This is a relatively high amount. However, it can be achieved through social media and email marketing.

In addition, email marketing is really important when it comes to sales with $44 earned for every $1 spent. So always ensure there is a mailing subscription form on your website.

3. Easy Navigation

Customers need to be able to go through your store without issue. Therefore, you need to have a menu that is easy to find everything that you need. Building good menus can be challenging, but there are always ways that you can add menus to not just the top of the screen, but also in the footer.

Remember to have easy access to your Terms and Conditions in addition to a privacy policy and other legal documents.

4. Clear Images

If there is one thing that will sell a product, it is a picture of the product that is being used. When you are creating product listings, ensure that you’re getting the best quality images for your website.

If you don’t have the best images at the moment, speak to a photographer who can help you with product photos. The more photos that you have, in the light, the better the response will be to images.

5. Sell Benefits not Features

One of the most important features of your products is not what they can do, but what they can do to help your customers. Some of the most important benefits that customers are looking for include:

  • Environmentally friendly (helps them be more eco-friendly)
  • Saves them time
  • Save them money
  • Improves the efficiency of a job
  • Personalized experience or product

Selling these benefits can be an excellent way to engage the audience.

6. Video

Another media option for products is that you can have videos. Videos can improve conversions by 80%. Videos should not be hosted directly on your website, but listed on another platform and then linked to your website.

Several tools can help you get the best videos. And just a short video of 15 to 30 seconds can be enough to help you make sales.

Final Word: Squarespace Stores: Key Elements to Success

Above are the things that you need to help you make the most of your eCommerce Squarespace stores. Adding these to your store now can help you build a better business and more sales.