What Should I do if I Want a Squarespace Template That's Not Available in a Specific Language?

What Should I do if I Want a Squarespace Template That's Not Available in a Specific Language?

Squarespace is one of the best content management systems and website building tools. It used across the world by millions of people who want to create a website for their local community, customers or just for their friends and family.

The building tool is used by those who speak many different languages across the world. However, Squarespace has limitations. For one, not all templates support non-English language. Therefore, if you speak French, German, Chinese or any other language then you might be limited to your choice of templates.

Currently, only Julia, Kent, Om, Charlotte, Naomi, Pacific and all the Bedford, Brine and York template families support non-English languages.

Switching Templates

If you’re currently using one of the templates that we’ve mentioned before and you would like to switch to a template that isn’t on the list, you might find that the directory for templates is missing it. This is because only those templates that support your language will be displayed to you.

That doesn’t mean that you can install any other template, however. Instead, you need to change your site language to English. This will then allow you to see all the templates that are available for Squarespace.

However, this will also change how your site’s built-in text will appear to visitors. Everything from the dates, form field labels and navigation controls will appear in English. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are happy for this to happen.

How to Change your Site Language

If you’re thinking of taking this step, follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Log In

The first step is to log into your website using your user credentials.

Step 2 – Home Menu

Then within the Home Menu, you will need to click on ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Language & Region’.

Step 3 – Languages

Under the map, there is a ‘Language’ drop-down menu. Click on this and you can then select the language you’re looking for (in this case English).

You might also see a localize website toggle. If you do, you can switch this on.

Step 4 – Save

After you’ve clicked on this you can then press the ‘Save’ button and you’ve completed the process. You will notice that all the built-in text on the website has changed to the new language.

Final Word: What Should I do if I Want a Squarespace Template That's Not Available in a Specific Language?

If you want to switch to a template that doesn’t support your language, then you need to change your current theme to ‘English’. Then you can make any change. However, this will change most of the built-in text to English and this can harm your reputation if you rely on customers who don’t read or speak English. Therefore, be sure that you really want this change.