10 Best Squarespace Templates for Events

10 Best Squarespace Templates for Events

If you’re running a business that holds a lot of events and you want to create a website for each one, then you will want the best Squarespace template for events. In this article, let's explore what options you have.

What are you Looking for in the Best Squarespace Template for Events?

Events can be hard to market online. You’ve got to find an audience that is going to be interested in going and then get them to commit to the event. This can be very hard. Google likes to penalize brands that don’t have a brand for over 3-6 months. That doesn’t mean it is impossible. Therefore, you will want to use the best Squarespace template for events.

This includes having a fast-loading website that will rank high on Google. You will also need eCommerce options to take payments (probably) and other options that can help you make the most from your website.

So what is the best Squarespace template for events? Here are 10 options for you.

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Must-Have Squarespace Templates for Events


Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Bedford Template

Bedford Highlights:

  • Sell tickets to your events with ease.
  • Add videos to promote your event.
  • Create banners for better awareness of key messages.
  • Improve your website’s chance of being found on Google.

This is a great option when you’re looking for a way to promote your event. You can include lots of features within the design to help you market and sell tickets, which makes it a great choice for you. For instance, you can use the sidebar navigation option to keep customers browsing your website for a long time.

The template can help with selling tickets but also event merchandise. This can add more revenue streams for you and allow you to build a more profitable event.

You can include images on all pages and even use videos to create excellent content for your website. You can create banners that have images/videos on them and even add call-to-actions to them. This can make more of your website and help you expand.


Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Rally Template

Rally Highlights:

  • Optimized for speed and quick loading.
  • You’re able to list lots of posts about your events.
  • Smooth scrolling for a better user experience.
  • The template is perfect for small and large events.

Rally is one of the top streamlined website templates that can help you showcase your events with text and imagery. It has a beautiful design with a perfect menu to help you keep customers engaged on your website. The menu is located in the top right corner of your website. Next to the menu, there is the opportunity to locate your social media links for more followers across platforms.

The template is perfect for showcasing blog posts about your event. Each blog post can include information about your event and you can highlight key points with high-quality images. In addition, you can link across your website with ease.

Rally’s scrolling is really smooth and can help you improve the experience of your audience. You can also let customers learn more about your event and who is behind the event with the numerous pages that are available.


Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Almar Template

Almar Highlights:

  • A clean website design that is perfect for speed.
  • Rank highly on Google and other search engines.
  • Add call-to-actions for more action on your website.
  • Add merchandising and ticket sales.

Almar is one of the best templates for those who want to sell event tickets online. It has a ready-made template that is quick to customize for your brand/event. Therefore, you can have a website built and ready to go within just a few minutes. The template can be used as an eCommerce platform as well. You can sell tickets and merchandise with ease.

The template can handle a lot of call-to-actions. Therefore, you can link to several events, and several different aspects of your events like sponsors, attendees, and more.

Almar is an effective template with fast loading times and the potential to rank high on Google. Therefore, you can expect higher levels of conversions with more traffic to your site.

Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template

Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Ready Template

Ready Highlights:

  • Showcase events from previous events with ease.
  • Add social proof to your website for more conversions.
  • Minimalist look for better ranking.
  • Fast loading times.

The template is one of the most perfect for building a website that allows you to promote your event with ease. Ready has a cool design with images and videos that can showcase your events past and present to website videos.

All the images can be displayed in a high-quality resolution that will show off how people are enjoying what you’re doing. This can help conversions on your website.

The template also has the ability for lots of call-to-action buttons. These can be connected to signing up to events or being added to a mailing list. This can be a great way for you to get more conversions on your website and also to build your lead funnel.

This template has lots of details that are really important for the user’s experience. For instance, there is a hidden menu that is located on the left-hand side. This will only appear when the user clicks on the icon to reveal it.

The template is completely mobile-friendly and ranks across search engines with ease.

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template

Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Skye Template

Skye Highlights:

  • A modern design that is easy to customize.
  • Can be used for numerous events or just one.
  • Sell tickets from your website.
  • Sell merchandise from your website with ease.

Skye is one of the top Squarespace templates that can be used within any niche. It is really good at promoting events, however, with lots of space for promoting images of past events. The template is block-centric, allowing for quick and easy modifications of designs. You can include lots of elements within these blocks to help you get the most from your website.

Skye has a blogging interface and feature that is perfect for your marketing. Those brands that blog more than 15 times per month will generate 70% more leads than those that don’t. It can also be a good way for you to build trust with your audience.

The template is really fast, allowing you to have higher levels of customer satisfaction. It can help reduce bounce rates and improve conversions. In addition, it can help your website to rank better on Google and other search engines.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Hayden Template

Hayden Highlights:

  • Great template for numerous niches.
  • Can promote events using a gallery of images.
  • Improve traffic levels to your website.
  • Quick to customize.

Hayden was specifically designed for those brands that want to promote a professional image of their brand. Therefore, it is a great choice for business events, corporate functions, and similar events. The template comes with lots of features to help you sell with a blog that can help increase rank on search engines as well as improve lead generation.

In addition, there are areas where you can showcase previous events or examples of past work. You can also showcase sponsors, clients, services, case studies, and more on your website. The template can also be used with booking technology to get visitors to book themselves on your website.

Hayden is really easy to customize. It takes just minutes to make changes to your website and this can be very important for your brand as you will have lots to do and don’t want to spend your whole time making changes to your website. The template can also be integrated with your social media channels.


Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Wells Template

Wells Highlights:

  • You’re able to convert more of your audience.
  • Display lots of video content on your website.
  • Create a better visual appeal for your website.
  • Lots of options for increased merchandising sales.

Wells is one of the best templates that offers an eCommerce platform for your business. There are lots of places on the template where you can display high-resolution images for your events. These images can then be linked to ticket pages or event pages to help you sell more. You can also improve revenue with merchandising.

The template is a great way to take payments, with an automated system that makes it all too easy for you.

The template can also handle videos that can promote your event. To add a video, all you need to do is add the URL of the video from YouTube and the website’s software will do the rest.

Carson – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Carson Template

Carson Highlights:

  • One of the more unusual templates that is available.
  • Changes the background image depending on mouse position.
  • Adds engagement to your website.
  • Improves bounce rate for your website.

Carson is one of the more unusual Squarespace templates that are available for your events business. The unique design gives an appeal that can interest audiences and help you convert more on your website. Instead of the traditional scrolling effect, Carson has a background image that will change depending on where the website’s user is pointing their mouse. This can be very fun and interesting for audiences.

The customers will be more likely to engage with your website and therefore click through on links. They will also appreciate your website more. This could help you sell more tickets.

The website can also help you showcase your events, both current and in the past. There are also options to add a hidden menu on your website. This can link to all the pages on your website. Some of the pages that you can create include contact, about, and services.

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Avenue Template

Avenue Highlights:

  • Create a portfolio page on your website.
  • Describe past events that you’ve held.
  • Fast-loading website template.
  • Able to rank on Google and other search engines.

Avenue is one of the top minimalist website templates. It is perfect for selling tickets and merchandise to your attendees. You can use the template to showcase your events, both past and present to build better trust with your audience.

The template can help you bring lots of attention to your brand. And with some good images, you can really grow your interest in your future events. This is a great way to build anticipation for your events and help you sell more tickets. The template can also be used to sell more merchandising which can be an important factor in the chance for you to make profits from an event.

The template’s basic design is really appealing. You can make customizations and more to your website quickly and with ease. And with all the simple coding, you can be sure that your website will perform well on Google and other search engines.


Squarespace Templates for Events -  Cartoon of Harbor Template

Harbor Highlights:

  • This is an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • This offers a simple menu structure for navigation.
  • Can be viewed across devices.
  • You can rank on numerous search engines.

Harbor is one of the top templates that can be used across niches. This makes it the perfect option for selling tickets because it doesn’t matter what style of event you’re running, this template can help you to sell it to audiences. The template has a beautiful background image and a simple top-tight menu that can help with navigation. With easy customization options available, you can build and release your website within minutes.

The template allows you to showcase past events with ease. You can use the front page to place a massive advent on your website. You can then sell tickets for your event with a call to action.

The template is a fast-loading option. This can help you rank better and higher on Google and other search engines. Therefore, it is an option that can really help you build a better brand.

Explore the Features of Squarespace Templates for Events

Visual Appeal and Functionality

When selecting a Squarespace template for events, visual appeal is paramount. Squarespace templates for events offer a modern and vibrant look, ideal for events, services, or small businesses.

They often include customizable design features, project pages, and contact forms, catering to unique brands with strong visuals. It's crucial to choose a template that resonates with your event's theme and audience.

Speed and Performance

Website speed significantly impacts user experience and audience retention. For every second of delay in page loading, there's a potential 7% loss in audience engagement.

Therefore, selecting a Squarespace template for events that guarantees fast loading times is essential. This not only enhances user experience but also improves search engine ranking, as most websites receive substantial traffic from search engines.

Ticket Management and Sales

An efficient ticket management system is vital for event websites. Squarespace templates for events often come with add-ons for appointment booking and ticket selling, streamlining the process.

Templates equipped with these features simplify ticket sales and management, making them a top choice for event organizers.

Ensure the template you choose supports these functionalities for a smoother event management experience.

Essential Considerations for Choosing Squarespace Templates for Events

Brand Promotion and Content Mix

Your chosen Squarespace template for events should effectively promote your brand and event. Depending on the nature of your event, you might need a template that supports a mix of visuals like videos and images, or one that focuses more on textual content.

The template should align with your marketing strategy, whether it's visually driven or content-centric.

Search Engine Optimization

A good Squarespace template for events should be optimized for search engines. Since a significant portion of website traffic comes from search engines, your template must adhere to SEO best practices.

This includes fast loading times, mobile responsiveness, and proper content structuring. An SEO-friendly template will help your event reach a wider audience.

User Engagement and Interaction

Templates should facilitate user engagement and interaction. Features like integrated newsletter sign-ups, social media links, and contact forms enhance user interaction.

Choose a Squarespace template for events that allows you to connect with your audience effectively, be it through direct communication channels or social media integration.

Conclusion: 10 Best Squarespace Templates for Events

Are you looking for the best Squarespace template for events? Above are 10 of the best options for you. Which one will you use?

For businesses looking to expand beyond events, exploring Squarespace Templates for Business and Services offers a solution to meet all your professional needs, ensuring your website is not only visually appealing but also fully functional for any service you offer.

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