Blogging on Squarespace: Success Tips

Blogging on Squarespace: Success Tips

If you want to be successful with blogging on Squarespace, then you need to make sure that you’re getting the right tactics in place for you to be successful. Here are the best tips for blogging on Squarespace whether you want to be an influencer or you want to have more traffic for your business.

1. Concentrate on the Right Content

One of the most fundamental mistakes that happen is that brands publish content about sales, what is available to buy, or even why they should be bought from. Audiences don’t want to know this, they don’t search for this content and audiences don’t care.

Instead, what you need to do is to ensure that you are publishing the right content. Content for blogs should fall into one of three categories, these are:

  • Industry news that has an impact on audiences.
  • Passing on knowledge to help audiences solve a pain point.
  • Detailed information about the activities of the brand/person.

The third one is the most challenging and is there only for influencers, travel bloggers, food bloggers, etc. It isn’t really for brands.

2. Publish Often and Consistently

Blogging once a month or randomly throughout the month is not the best tactic. Audiences want to know they can rely on you, that you’re going to publish a blog post on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am, for example. To help, it is often best to be ahead of your schedule, to have the next five or six written and ready before it is time to publish.

Publishing regularly is also important. Research has shown that publishing more than 15 times a month can provide the best results. However, this means that you have to publish every other day.

3. Use Media

Using media within blog posts is important. Media can take the form of an infographic, images, or videos. These can help make the content easier to read, be easier on the eyes and even help with ranking with the right meta tags.

There are lots of great options for using media. For each blog post, you could use a YouTube video to make your point. Or some infographics can summarize your information.

4. Keyword Research

It is vitally important to conduct keyword research within your blogging content. You want to aim for keywords that have a high search volume (or moderate) but low competition. Each article you write should have one main keyword, two secondary keywords, and about five other keywords inserted into them.

Each keyword should have a density of about 1-2%. Therefore, for every 100 words, you use 1 keyword. Long-tailed keywords are the best options because they are less used by most bloggers.

5. Think Long Term

One of the most important aspects is to consider long-term success. Blogging is not a short fix for anything. It takes time and effort. Most blog posts won’t rank high, even on the first page, of a key term for over a year. Most of the top spots were published more than two years ago.

Therefore, keep going with blogging. You will also find out that when you achieve certain milestones, like fifty or one hundred blog posts, you will get a ranking and traffic boost.

Final Word: Blogging on Squarespace: Success Tips

Blogging is vital for success. However, you need the right tactics. Above are five of the best tactics that you need to utilize in your campaigns to ensure that you have the successful blog that your business needs to thrive.