Can I Install the Same Squarespace Template on Several Sites?

Can I Install the Same Squarespace Template on Several Sites?

If you run several businesses or you would like to have a website for different areas of the world (North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) then you might want a consistent look on your websites. With Squarespace this is easy. You can actually have multiple websites attached to the same account on Squarespace and then manage them all from one account.

You can also install the same Squarespace template on several sites. The templates are not limited to use for just one website. You will find that other Squarespace users will also be using the same templates. There aren’t that many templates for each site to have a unique template.

However, there are a few things that you will have to note before you start using the template on multiple websites.

1. Licensing

The first thing that you will note is that you might have to buy the license several times over when you want to use the template across several websites. This is because when you make the purchase, it will grant you use of the template on one website. However, if you buy five licenses, you can use the template across five websites.

Not buying enough licenses doesn’t always block you from using the license on multiple sites on a technical level. However, it does mean that you breach terms and conditions and can restrict your access to updates that can protect your website from new cyber threats or block access to new features.

In a worst-case scenario, you might find that your account is suspended because you’ve breached the terms and conditions of the designer. Therefore it isn’t recommended.

Note this is only for Squarespace templates that have had third party customizations made to them. All basic Squarespace templates are free, but there are third parties that will charge you for customized templates for your website. You might need to check with them how many times you can use those customizations.

2. Footer and Headers

When you create a customized header or footer for your website, this is attached to your template. But it is also specific to your website. The other websites won’t have the same customizations made to them unless you manually make those changes yourself.

Therefore, if you’re looking to add some social buttons to your website’s footer, then this needs to be done on every website that’s using the template.

3. Custom CSS

Not every template you’re working with will have all the functions, fonts and other elements that you want. Therefore, you will need to add these using Custom CSS. These are stored on the website’s files under the template. Therefore, you will need to make the same Custom CSS changes to every website.

4. Professionalism

There are two ways that professionalism can affect your choice of template. The first is that customers will expect a consistent experience across all websites. So the same template might be beneficial.

However, if you’re using a template across several unrelated websites, this can cause some issues. This is because they can look too similar and this can look like one brand is copying another. Some people won’t realize that you’re the same person running both companies and might boycott your brands because of the ‘copying’.

Final Word: Can I Install the Same Squarespace Template on Several Sites?

Yes, you can install the same Squarespace template on several sites. But these must be purchased for each site. At the same time, you need to consider whether it is the right thing for your brand.