Can I Sell Physical/Plastic Gift Cards on Squarespace?

Can I Sell Physical/Plastic Gift Cards on Squarespace?

Gift cards are a very popular present for many people across the world. They allow the recipient to receive something and then spend the money on something that they’re looking for. This can result in fewer returns for the business as the customer is buying something that they want and the return of gifts is becoming a more accepted practice than keeping them.

However, digital gift cards aren’t always the best option when it comes to gift-giving. There is little to give the actual person and therefore some people stay clear if they can’t give the recipient a physical item. Therefore, those who are using Squarespace might want to know whether you can sell physical/plastic gift cards from your website.

Can you Sell Physical/Plastic Gift Cards on Squarespace?

Squarespace does not allow you to sell physical/plastic gift cards on your Squarespace website easily. What Squarespace offers their website builders is the option to sell digital gift cards that can be printed off as a PDF. This can offer some people satisfaction but it isn’t always the best option.

Therefore, there are ways that you can get around this and satisfy your customers.

1. Create your Own

You can print your own gift cards that can be sent to the customer for them to give to their chosen recipient. You will need to make sure that the unique digital code that is included with the sale matches the one that you print off at your facility. The customer will be able to use the digital code as if they received the email/PDF version. The plastic card will not be able to be scanned or used in another way other than the customer adding in the digital code.

2. Create Unique Products

Another option is to create a unique product that includes the gift card. For instance, you can create a teddy bear or a greeting card that has the code for the gift card inside. This can be a unique way of offering your customers a way to purchase and present gift cards.

Unique products are more expensive, but they do offer an additional experience that might be beneficial in experiences for both the buyer and the recipient.

3. Be Digital Only

Or you could just accept digital-only gift cards. You could sell this as being more environmentally friendly to your customers and this might appeal to a larger audience than you think. Those who are younger and more conscious of climate change are more likely to accept digital-only gift cards.

Final Word: Can I Sell Physical/Plastic Gift Cards on Squarespace?

No, Squarespace does not have the capability to sell physical or plastic gift cards. Therefore, you have to accept digital gift cards or find another way to replicate the physical gift card on your store.