Custom CSS Disappear After Switching Squarespace Templates - Why?

Custom CSS Disappear After Switching Squarespace Templates - Why?

Not all functions or styles on your Squarespace website are available. There are likely going to be at least one or two times when you will want to add some custom CSS to your website to make it more aligned with your specific needs.

However, when you make a switch to your Squarespace template, you will notice that any Custom CSS has disappeared from your website. Why does this happen and what can be done to fix the issue? Here are the answers to those questions.

Why Does Custom CSS Disappear After Switching Squarespace Templates?

The Custom CSS doesn’t technically disappear when you’re switching the template, it is just assigned to the template and not the website. Therefore, when you’re making the switch from one template to another, the new template can’t access that Custom CSS. So it appears as if you’re missing the CSS that you added.

However, in truth, the Custom CSS is still there, just hidden with the old template. You can’t access it or use it unless you switch back to the old template on your website.

Can I Use the Custom CSS on my New Template?

Yes, you’re able to use the Custom CSS on your new template. This is rather easy to do because all you need to do is to reenter the CSS into the new template and then you’ve got access to the functions and features again. It is as simple as that.

And if you decide at any time that you don’t like the new template, when you switch back to the old template, the custom CSS will still be there.

The same is said of numerous elements on a Squarespace website. Any header, footer, or style changes that you made are attached to the template and not the website. When you make a change in the template, those elements are hidden in the old template. You would need to change your current template’s settings to get those back as well.

What if I Uninstall my Old Template?

If you’ve uninstalled your old template then you run the risk that your custom CSS changes will disappear too. If you ever wish to reinstall the template, you will find that the default settings are activated and the custom changes that you made are gone.

Therefore, it is always advisable that you only uninstall a template from your Squarespace website if you know that there is no chance that you will wish to use it again in the future.

Important Reminders After Switching Squarespace Templates

When navigating through Squarespace troubleshooting and issues, particularly after switching templates, it's crucial to remember certain steps to prevent your custom CSS from disappearing. These reminders will help ensure a smoother transition and maintain the aesthetic and functionality of your website.

Keep a Backup of Your Custom CSS

Before making the switch to a new template, it's essential to keep a backup of your custom CSS code. This practice ensures that even if the template change process causes your custom styles to disappear, you have a saved copy that can be easily re-applied.

Backing up your code is a simple but effective way to avoid losing valuable customizations that have been made to align with your branding and design needs.

Reapply Custom CSS Appropriately

After switching to a new template, it may be necessary to adjust your custom CSS to match the new template’s structure. This step is crucial because templates can have different HTML structures and CSS class names, meaning your old CSS might not work as intended on the new template.

Carefully reapplying and tweaking your custom CSS will help restore the unique look and functionality of your site without compromising on the new template’s features.

Test Your Site Extensively

Once you have reapplied your custom CSS, testing your site extensively across different devices and browsers is vital. This testing phase is crucial to identify any issues that may have arisen from the template switch, including but not limited to, layout breaks, non-functioning elements, or styling inconsistencies.

Thorough testing ensures that your website remains professional, functional, and accessible to all users, regardless of how they access it.

Understanding the Disappearance of Custom CSS in Squarespace

Squarespace's flexibility in allowing users to switch templates to revamp their site's appearance is one of its strongest features. However, this process can sometimes lead to the disappearance of custom CSS, which is a common concern among users seeking a fresh look for their website.

Below, we explore into nuanced reasons and mechanisms behind this phenomenon, distinct from the template-specificity of CSS code, the separate storage of CSS code, and the default resetting behavior of new templates.

Changes in HTML Structure

Variations in HTML Tagging Between Templates

Each Squarespace template is built with a distinct HTML structure that defines its layout and elements. When you switch templates, the underlying HTML architecture changes, which can cause custom CSS selectors to lose their targets.

If your CSS was targeting specific IDs or classes that do not exist in the new template, the styles would not appear, as the selectors no longer correspond to any elements on the page.

Loss of Custom Embedded Code Blocks

Squarespace allows users to insert custom code blocks within pages for added functionality or style. If these blocks contain CSS that is integral to the site's design, switching templates may result in these blocks being reset or removed.

This change can inadvertently remove custom styles applied through these blocks, as the new template may not retain the layout or content structure where the blocks were originally placed.

Incompatibility of Template-Specific Features

Some Squarespace templates come with unique features or design elements that are not supported by other templates. If your custom CSS was enhancing or modifying these specific features, switching to a template that lacks these elements renders the CSS useless.

For example, custom styles applied to a unique gallery view or a specific navigation layout may not apply if the new template does not support these formats, leading to the disappearance of these tailored styles.

Reset of Custom Styles for Content Blocks

Squarespace's content blocks are versatile elements used to add various types of content to pages. However, these blocks might have different styling defaults or class names across templates.

When you switch templates, the content blocks may revert to the new template's default styles, stripping away any custom CSS applied to these blocks based on the old template's defaults.

Understanding these reasons helps in planning a template switch on Squarespace, ensuring a smoother transition for custom styles and functionalities. Adjusting CSS to the new template's HTML structure, reinserting custom code blocks appropriately, and adapting to the new features and content block styling can mitigate the impact of these changes.

Conclusion: Custom CSS Disappear After Switching Squarespace Templates – Why?

Custom CSS is a useful tool for adding features and changing designs on your Squarespace website. However, they’re attached to the template and not to the main website files. Therefore, when you switch the templates on your Squarespace website, you will discover that the Custom CSS will disappear. Switching back to the old template will reinstate the old Custom CSS unless you uninstalled the old template.

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