Does the Squarespace Info Page Carry Over the Old Information to a New Template?

Does the Squarespace Info Page Carry Over the Old Information to a New Template?

The info page is a popular tool that is used within the Aviator family. If you’re thinking of moving away from the template you’re currently using, then you might want to know whether the page will remain on your Squarespace website.

This article will look into this question and also what you can do to get around any potential problems that you might have when you’re changing over from one template to another.

What is the Info Page?

If you don’t know what the info page is, it is a special page that is associated with the Aviator template family on Squarespace. It acts as a landing page that has multiple layout options. They make great home pages and other landing pages too. They automatically display navigational links, built-in social icons and have a customizable content area.

Each Aviator template has exactly one Info page that can be deployed on the website at any time.

What Happens When you Switch Templates?

If you’re looking to switch templates there are a couple of things that can happen to the info page on your website. If you’re switching to a template that’s within the same family of templates, then you can keep the info page and it will work on the new template as if nothing has happened. You can change the look and certain style aspects with ease.

However, if you’re changing to a template that’s not included within the Aviator template family, then you will find that your info page will disappear. This is because this is a special page that is only supported by a select few templates.

What if I Switch Back?

If you switch back to the previous template that had the info page, or you switch to another template from the same template family, then the info page will return. It will remain exactly how you last left it and can be used again on your website.

How can I have an Info Page Away From the Aviator Template Family?

If you’re looking to have the info page but on another template, then there is the possibility of creating a page that is very similar on your website. You can create a Cover Page and use a card layout. It will take a little work and you won’t have all the functionality of the Info page as you do on the aviator template family, but it is a good way to get around the problem if you’re set on using a template from a different group.

Final Word: Does the Squarespace Info Page Carry Over the Old Information to a New Template?

When you’re using one of the Aviator template family, you can use the highly popular Info page designs. However, when you switch your template and don’t use one from the same family, you can lose access to your info page. There are two ways to beat this. The first is to switch back or use a template from the same group of templates or create a Cover page and use the card layout.