Does the Squarespace Info Page Carry Over the Old Information to a New Template?

Does the Squarespace Info Page Carry Over the Old Information to a New Template?

The info page is a popular tool that is used within the Aviator family. If you’re thinking of moving away from the template you’re currently using, then you might want to know whether the page will remain on your Squarespace website.

This article will look into this question and also what you can do to get around any potential problems that you might have when you’re changing over from one template to another.

What is the Info Page?

If you don’t know what the info page is, it is a special page that is associated with the Aviator template family on Squarespace. It acts as a landing page that has multiple layout options. They make great home pages and other landing pages too. They automatically display navigational links, and built-in social icons and have a customizable content area.

Each Aviator template has exactly one Info page that can be deployed on the website at any time.

What Happens When You Switch Templates?

If you’re looking to switch templates there are a couple of things that can happen to the info page on your website. If you’re switching to a template that’s within the same family of templates, then you can keep the info page and it will work on the new template as if nothing has happened. You can change the look and certain style aspects with ease.

However, if you’re changing to a template that’s not included within the Aviator template family, then you will find that your info page will disappear. This is because this is a special page that is only supported by a select few templates.

What if I Switch Back?

If you switch back to the previous template that had the info page, or you switch to another template from the same template family, then the info page will return. It will remain exactly how you last left it and can be used again on your website.

How can I have an Info Page Away From the Aviator Template Family?

If you’re looking to have the info page but on another template, then there is the possibility of creating a page that is very similar to your website. You can create a Cover Page and use a card layout. It will take a little work and you won’t have all the functionality of the Info page as you do on the aviator template family, but it is a good way to get around the problem if you’re set on using a template from a different group.

Preserving the Essence of the Info Page

Content Preservation During Template Switch

Switching templates on Squarespace generally safeguards your website's content, including the Info Page, when moving within the same template family.

However, transitioning to a template outside the Aviator family leads to the disappearance of the Info Page due to its exclusive compatibility.

This necessitates exploring alternative ways to replicate the Info Page's functionality, highlighting the importance of understanding template-specific features and their transferability.

Navigating Design and Structure Changes

When migrating to a new template, the structural and design integrity of the Info Page and other content might be at risk, especially if the new choice is outside the Aviator family.

This transition phase is critical for reevaluating the layout and design elements to ensure they align with the new template’s capabilities and limitations.

It's an opportunity to creatively reassemble content, ensuring that the essence of the Info Page, including its navigational links and social icons, is maintained or adeptly replicated.

Addressing Custom CSS/Code Inconsistencies

Custom CSS and JavaScript injections offer a powerful way to personalize Squarespace templates, including enhancing the Info Page. However, these customizations may not seamlessly transition between templates, particularly when moving away from the Aviator family.

Revisiting and adjusting these custom codes becomes essential to harmonize with the new template’s framework, ensuring that the unique features of the Info Page, such as layout options and social icons, continue to function correctly or are suitably adapted.

Transitioning Info Pages in Squarespace: A Seamless Process

When embarking on a redesign or update of your Squarespace site, one question that frequently arises pertains to the handling of existing content when switching templates. Specifically, users often wonder if the information on their Squarespace info page will automatically transition to a new template without hassle.

Content Management Flexibility

Squarespace is designed with a robust and flexible content management system that ensures your website's core information, including the content on info pages, is retained across template switches.

This means that when you decide to give your site a new look by adopting a different template, the text, images, and other media housed on your site's info pages should seamlessly migrate to the new template.

This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your website's content and allows for a smooth transition without the need for manual content re-entry or duplication.

Adjusting to New Template Designs

However, it's important to note that while the information itself carries over, the way it is displayed may vary significantly from one template to another.

Squarespace templates come with their own unique set of design parameters, including layout configurations, font styles, and color schemes, which can affect the presentation of your content.

This means that after switching templates, you may need to spend some time adjusting these elements to ensure that your info page looks as intended in the new template environment.

Utilizing Preview Features for Smoother Transitions

To mitigate potential Squarespace troubleshooting and issues, it's recommended to preview any new template with your existing content before making a final switch.

Squarespace provides a feature that allows you to preview your current site content within the framework of a new template, giving you the opportunity to see how your info pages and other content will appear.

This step is invaluable for identifying any areas that may require adjustments and ensures a smoother transition to your new site design.

Leveraging Support and Documentation

Furthermore, it’s wise to consult Squarespace’s support documentation or reach out to their customer support team if you encounter any issues during the template switch process. They can provide targeted advice and solutions to ensure your info page and other site content transition smoothly to your new template, thereby enhancing your site’s functionality and design appeal.

While the switch to a new Squarespace template is designed to be as straightforward as possible, with the assurance that your info page content will carry over, the need for some adjustments to fit the new template’s design is to be expected.

Conclusion: Does the Squarespace Info Page Carry Over the Old Information to a New Template?

When you’re using one of the Aviator template families, you can use the highly popular Info page designs. However, when you switch your template and don’t use one from the same family, you can lose access to your info page. There are two ways to beat this. The first is to switch back or use a template from the same group of templates or create a Cover page and use the card layout.

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