How Do I Get Email for My Domain on Squarespace?

How Do I Get Email for My Domain on Squarespace?

Email is very important when it comes to running your business. Many customers will often use your email address to contact you for queries about products, customer service or another aspect that you might need to deal with. Without an email address available as well, customers might not be so trustful of your brand. Therefore, it’s always best to get a domain email on Squarespace.

Can I not use Gmail/Hotmail/Free Email?

While there are plenty of free email services available like Gmail, these aren’t always the best option when operating a business. For one, they make your business look unprofessional and small. This can hurt conversions on your website and make people think twice before they place an order on your website. In a best-case scenario, they might reduce the order value that they’re going to make with you.

However, if you have a custom domain that is linked to your Squarespace website, then you’re also able to add a custom email address. For example, if your website was, then you can set up and use an address that matches that domain like [email protected]. This is a great way to build trust with audiences and prove that you’re a legitimate business that will give them good service.

How to Create Custom Email for Squarespace

There are a couple of ways that you can create your custom email for your Squarespace website. It all depends on what is currently going on. If you’ve already got a custom email address, then you can still use it with Squarespace. If you don’t already have a custom email address, then you might need to use the integration with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), to set up a new account.

How to use Google Workspace for Custom Email Address

To start this process you need to sign up for Google Workspace through Squarespace. All the email account billing for this account will be taken through Squarespace, so you don’t need to worry about the payment information within the Google interface. However, you will need to use the Google interface for all emails, calendars and documents.

This option is the easiest and offers you access to Google’s infrastructure which is very good at offering redundancy, therefore if a server goes offline at Google for any reason, you should still be able to access your emails from the other servers at Google. In addition, Google’s email systems are mobile-friendly, so you can get your emails on the go.

Third-Party Email

If your email is linked to a third party domain, then connecting the domain on Squarespace to your email host won’t affect anything. You can still use your third-party application to manage, read and create emails. All you need to do is to change your domain’s MX records.

Is the Email Hosted by Squarespace?

Squarespace does not offer a direct email hosting service, therefore all email services are hosted externally. This has some benefits as if you decide to move away from Squarespace, your email will not be affected by the move. However, this is also a more costly option than other hosting packages.

Final Word: How Do I Get Email for My Domain on Squarespace?

Hosting email for your website is always done off Squarespace. There are a couple of ways to do this, as described above. But your email will always be hosted away from Squarespace.