I Switched Squarespace Templates and My Pages Disappeared

I Switched Squarespace Templates and My Pages Disappeared

When you are excited about the prospect of updating your Squarespace theme it can be really frustrating if your pages disappear after you have made the switch. You might be wondering what has happened to your pages. Numerous possibilities can have caused this problem.

So, what can be done to fix this issue? Here’s what to do when you’ve switched the template on your Squarespace and your pages disappear.

Ensure that you’ve Backed up your Website

The first thing that you have to do is to ensure that you’ve got a backup of your Squarespace website. This can be done with some of the addons that can be found. This allows you to revert to your old website.

Then you can follow these easy steps to ensure that your new template offers you everything that you’re looking for.

Step 1 – Log in

Log in to your Squarespace website dashboard using your credentials.

Step 2 - Preview

Before you make any changes go live, you should try out the new templates in the preview mode.

Ensure that the new template offers the features you require. You should also ensure that your current text, images, videos and other media has a position within the new template. Often when content goes missing or a page, it is because there isn’t the assigned space on the new template for it to be positioned properly.

Remember that your website’s footers and headers will change as these are specific to your templates and not the Squarespace website. In addition, custom CSS will need to be redone on the new template as this is attached to the template and not the Squarespace website.

Step 3 - Pages

If pages have disappeared, you may not have linked them properly to the new template. Therefore, ensure that these pages have the correct URLs for the template. This can be a tiring task depending on the number of pages that have disappeared from your website.

Another problem is that some templates don’t support the pages that you’ve got on your existing website.

If you’ve linked your pages correctly and they’re still not there, the best thing to do would be to reset back to the original template. This can be done by going to the admin home page. Then you can and follow the links through design to see the templates on your store. Then uninstall the template and reinstate the original.

You can try and change the template again to another option. However, to prevent the mistake from happening again, make sure to use the preview setting to ensure you don’t have any compatibility issues.

Final Word: I Switched Squarespace Templates and My Pages Disappeared

If you switch your Squarespace template and your pages disappear it can feel like a disaster. But don’t panic. You can recover your pages. If you made the change in preview mode then this is relatively easy and it is also not too difficult to recover your old theme within Squarespace.