If I Switch to a New Squarespace Template and Then Switch Back, Will My Site Go Back to the Way It Was?

If I Switch to a New Squarespace Template and Then Switch Back, Will My Site Go Back to the Way It Was?

One of the most fun aspects of owning a website is creating a website that fits your brand and portrays your brand. This is a fun, exciting period that you can spend hours doing. From time to time you might want to change the design so that the design is more aligned to new ideas or industry changes. Or you might be forced to make a change to your website due to a Squarespace template being discontinued.

Switching your Squarespace template is rather easy on the platform. It takes just a few minutes to do or you can spend hours making changes to the template to ensure that it is perfect. If you’re in a rush you might switch the template and then make changes after the new template has gone live. Or you could switch the template, make some changes in the preview before pushing them to the live site.

Whatever way you do there is always a chance that you don’t like the new look of your website. You might prefer the old design and want to revert to the previous template.

However, you might have some concerns. If you’re worried about your website content. If you switch back does your website look exactly the same as it did before? Here are some things think about that answer that question.

Content Changes

When you switch back, the content that you’ve added, removed or altered in the new design will remain the same. This means that when you’ve made a change to the content, you don’t have to redo this work, which could have taken you hours.

There are benefits to this, for one it saves you time. However, if you also preferred the old content, this is lost and you would need to re-enter the old content for it to show up on the template you’ve reverted to.


The design of the website will revert to the old template as you had it before you changed templates. This is an important thing to think about. Content on the template will switch to the most relevant bloc on the design. If there is no block there that supports that element (like video) then you might lose the template.


The header and footer content is unique and attached to the template. So if you’ve made changes to the header/footer of the new template, they will not be carried to the old template when you switch back. You would need to make those changes again.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS is attached to the template and not the website. Therefore, when you revert to the old website, any new Custom CSS that you’ve entered into the template will be lost on your website.

Final Word: If I Switch to a New Squarespace Template and Then Switch Back, Will My Site Go Back to the Way It Was?

When you’re switching back from a new Squarespace template to one you’ve used before, you will lose some information but other content will remain the same. If you do want to switch, it is highly recommended that you backup your website before you start the process.