Is Squarespace Free?

Is Squarespace Free?

Squarespace is a website builder and hosting platform that allows you to build a website that has some strong features and perfect options for those who want a visual website. Those that want to use Squarespace need to know about the costs for your website.

​Free Trial

When you start using Squarespace, then you’re entitled to use a free 14-day trial for your website. This offers you a chance to get use to the Squarespace online design interface and start building your website. This can be a very useful time because it can take a week or longer for you to build your website and you don’t want to be paying for this time.

A free trial allows you to explore the features and functions of all the plans, to see what you need. However, you will need to ensure that you are on the right plan before your free trial ends. Otherwise, you could be paying more than you expected.

​Are Domains Free on Squarespace?

Squarespace does sell domains to their customers. These are free for anyone who wants to use Squarespace for hosting their website. This can be a small saving across a year, which some people like. It can also be easier for those without technical abilities to change the host of the website after buying a domain from a different service provider.

​What Happens After the Free Trial?

After the free trial, you are moved onto one of the plans. You are encouraged to choose the plan before you start your trial. The one you choose at this point is the plan that you move on to. There are several plans available from Squarespace, they are:

Personal: The lowest cost but it has the least features and functions. This is good for a very simple web presence.

Business: This is the second tier website hosting plan for Squarespace. It has numerous functions that can help you grow your business online, some of which are necessary if you want to rank highly on Google and drive traffic to your store.

Commerce (Basic): If you want to sell goods online, this is one of the most simple commerce schemes available. It has everything that you need, but you might want to consider how many products you want to sell and how many customers you need per month before choosing between this and the next level.

Commerce (Advanced): Those that want a large eCommerce store and take orders online should choose this plan. It has the most features and complexity but is good for those who want to earn a significant revenue from their Squarespace website.

Enterprise/Custom: There is also a customised option for those that need a more tailored and personal web hosting package. There are no details on what you can get on this as it is negotiated between you and the customer.

Final Word: Is Squarespace Free?

No, but you do get a free trial that allows you to test and build your website with ease. After the 14 day free trial, you move onto a paid plan. There are four set plans available and the option to get a custom-made plan for your business with the Squarespace development team.