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A portfolio website is a great option to showcase your skills in your niche to attract new clients and customers. You need a strong start for your business to be a success. It's estimated that only one in ten stores survive longer than 120 days, with a lack of cash flow being one of the main problems. So you will need to come up with a great name for your portfolio website and you can do this with ease with the portfolio website name generator.

In this article, we will help you come up with a great name for your portfolio business and walk you through the steps for doing so. The portfolio website name generator is a free tool that will help you come up with a great name and stand out from the crowd. Many other businesses have used the name generator to attract a loyal following for the audience.

Read on to come up with the best name for your portfolio website!

Why Should You Use a Name Generator for Portfolio Name Ideas?

An online name generator for your portfolio website is a great asset. First of all, it is a cost-effective way for you to come up with a name without having to pay for a branding agency to do so. Branding agencies can be very expensive. When you are starting a business you need to retain as much cash as possible until you get a steady income. So by working through the steps outlined in this article and by using the portfolio website name generator, you can save money.

Also, it could save you from unwanted expenses down the line. This could be associated with making a poor name choice, missing out on registering a name with a social media account, or even form legal costs should you select a name that is copyrighted or infringes upon another businesses rights.

The portfolio website name generator can help you create a memorable name that will stick in your customer’s mind as returning customers can be so important. Even if you think you rely on new customers more, referrals are still extremely important. So you might have a landscape business and complete a wonderful redesign on someone’s back garden. That doesn't mean they won’t return for your business, they may for example want a small side aspect designed, or commission you to redesign an elderly relative's garden. They may own additional properties. Try and choose a name that will stick in your customers’ minds over the long term.

When planning name ideas for your portfolio website you will want a name that is unique too. The problem with just sitting down with pen and paper to brainstorm a name on your own is that the name you come up with might not be original. You could inadvertently choose a name that is similar to a designer or artist that you have studied, or it could be too similar to a rival brand. You might even choose a name that you associate with what you do. If you chose to name your wedding photography business 'Blossom Wedding Photos', yet had a family photo taken at ‘Cherry Orchard Photography’ last year, they might remember you and consider that you are trying to attract their customers!

By using the portfolio website name generator and the steps in this article, you can also save a lot of time by working through the process methodically. Then move on to all the other aspects of your business set up, like setting up your portfolio website and marketing it.

Portfolio Website Name Generator

Tips for Creating Great Portfolio Website Names

Here are our tips for coming up with great portfolio website names to help you have a successful new venture. This list of tips can organize your name-planning session and have a significant impact on your success.

Tip 1 – Your website portfolio names need to be unique

The first thing to ensure is that the potential names you come up with for your portfolio are unique. You will want a unique name for your portfolio so you are not infringing on another business name that may also have legal protection. Some larger brands will have lawyers that will take you to court if they believe you have infringed on their brand name.

You also don't want your new, happy client base getting confused and going to another brand with a similar name by mistake for their return custom.  A lot of revenue comes from returning customers and you have to pay less marketing to attract them because they are already happy with your work so making it easy for returning clients to identify your portfolio of work will help you be a success.

Lastly, if another brand with a similar name has a poor reputation, or starts great and goes downhill, then it could affect you as well. So start with a unique name and an independent beginning.

Portfolio Website Name Generator

Tip 2 – Think about the Future

Consider where you want to go in the future, and how you wish to expand your portfolio. If you base your portfolio name on fashion photography only then you’ll limit any expansion in the future. You might go through a contemplative time and find landscape photography to be something that is inspiring to you and requested by previous clients. You might start creating large, personalized landscape photos for clients.

So, if you go for ‘Flash Fashion Photography’ you will limit yourself to just the fashion niche. Now if you are specialized in fashion photography then this is fine but your interests may change in the future. Think also about mentioning places in your name. If you called yourself 'Flash Fashion Studio', where people bring their fashion collections to your state-of-the-art studio to be photographed then you could limit yourself if you decide to become mobile and abandon the studio in the future. Consider that rental costs get too high, or many of your clients decide they would prefer you to travel to them.

Also, consider that you might limit yourself by using a place name in your portfolio. For example you name your landscaping business 'York Landscaping Design'. You might think at the time that you’ll never move from your location, but you can’t be sure of what the future will bring. You need to be especially careful about this when you are the brand because you aren't a store that you can expand, it’s your skills and your portfolio that make up your brand.

Tip 3 – Try Using Initials Within your Online Store Name

Many successful brands use concatenations within their name such as KFC, MAC, and BMW. These names can become iconic, although this will take you some time. It can help set you apart from other brands and a simple name can be easy to remember. Quite simply if you are Brian Green, you could be BGL - 'Brian Green Landscaping'.

Tip 4 –  Make Sure Social Media Accounts are Available

Only a small number of your sales will be made from social media. Social media is great for growing awareness of your brand and building social proof so you must be present and active on a range of social media and video platforms. This is especially important if other businesses with similar portfolios to your own are following and reaching audiences on these platforms.

You will therefore want to make sure that any name you choose for your portfolio website is available as an account on all the social media platforms you wish to be on and those that you may wish to be on in the future. If you have a portfolio of commissioned artwork but also sell pieces of art on an online marketplace like Etsy or Amazon to supplement your income, then don’t forget to check these places out to make sure your name will be unique there as well.

Portfolio Website Name Generator

Tip 5 – Ensure the Domain is Available

You will also want to ensure that you have access to the domain name for your business. This is essential for creating your portfolio website as it is effectively the web address for your website. This is what you enter in the browser and it’s how your potential and existing customers will be able to view your website portfolio.

You will need to do a domain check for the name you choose to make sure it is available. When you are ready and have gone through all the steps carefully you will be able to register with Squarespace or another platform. You also don’t want to create marketing materials with your portfolio name if you can’t get it as a website domain so this essential step must be done before a lot of your other business setup activities. Websites also suffer a penalty from Google for the first six months so the sooner you get going with your portfolio the sooner you will get past this period.

How to Produce a Great Identity Using the Portfolio Website Name Generator

The steps below will help you build a great website portfolio. You can use the free portfolio website name generator to generate lots of great potential name ideas.

Step 1 – Create a List of Important Words

Brainstorm a list of words that describe your work for your portfolio, you or your ethos. These are words that make you unique, that are personal, and describe what makes you stand out from others who offer the same service as you do. This list can be as long as possible.

Portfolio Website Name Generator

Step 2 – Reduce the List to the Best Options

Reduce this list down to the ten words which best match your business. You can ask your friends and family to see how they see your work and what words they think most describe your business. You could also ask on social media to see what people’s views are. With these ten words, you can then move on to the next steps.

Step 3 – Add your Names to the Portfolio Website Name Generator

Now take each of your ideas and add them to the portfolio website name generator. This will allow you to generate a list of potential great names that you can move through the remaining steps.

  • involved Online Store
  • tall Online Store
  • deafening Online Store
  • concrete Online Store
  • careful Online Store
  • useless Online Store
  • external Online Store
  • positive Online Store
  • gigantic Online Store

  • specific Photos
  • payable Photos
  • intact Photos
  • conservation Photos
  • african Photos
  • eager Photos
  • important Photos
  • troubled Photos
  • missing Photos

Portfolio Website Name Generator

Now add some of the words from your list into the portfolio website name generator. You can build a list of potential names for your portfolio from an unlimited number of choices for your new brand. Every time you click on the ‘Generate’ button, a new list of names will appear.

Step 4 – Reduce Your List Down

Now you should have at least a few dozen options that you’ve got. However, you don’t want to be checking through each one to see if you can use them. Now what to reduce the list and try to reduce it to the best options. You can always get help with this step again to get to between 10 and 20 names.

Step 5 – Check for Use by Other Brands

With the 10-20 names you have now, you can check to see whether anyone is using any of the names on the list. You don’t want to get customers confused or infringe on any trademarks.

Step 6 – Check Social Media

You should check social media as well as company directories. Some brands on social media are very active but others are not. Don't assume that a brand has ceased operating just because they haven’t posted for a while. Not all brands post regularly but they might start up again in the future. Some brands are just on one platform so do check everywhere, including Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and YouTube.

Don’t be tempted to use a name similar to someone else with a very successful portfolio. It will be very difficult for you to compete with them because they have such a strong head start. They might also come after you legally so this would also be a major setback. You might also deter new customers who just view you as a copycat. If you are creating a portfolio of your unique skills and designs you will need to show your originality, and that includes your name.

Step 7 – Check Domain Name Status

While there might not be someone else actively trading online or on social media, it doesn’t mean that your domain name will automatically be available. Someone may have already purchased that domain name and been starting to set up their portfolio. There are still plenty of great name options just make sure you always complete a domain check before committing to a name for your portfolio website.

Step 8 – Choose your Portfolio Website Name Generator!

Now you need to choose your portfolio website name. Choose from the options left on the list. Speak to your friends and family to see what they think. You could also go and survey members of the public to get an unbiased viewpoint.

Step 9 – Register Your Portfolio Website Name Everywhere

Before you start building your Squarespace website or another website you should ensure you register your name everywhere. This includes social media, domains, and marketplaces if necessary. You may even be able to think of other places. You can then get yourself registered with suppliers and professional organizations as well. Registration everywhere will help to prevent others from using your name. In terms of legal protection, this is something you can look into with professionals if you wish.

Final Word: Portfolio Website Name Generator

Here are the best steps and tips to get your portfolio website name ideas from the portfolio website name generator. Instead of taking days to choose a name yourself and slowing down the development of your portfolio website you can work through the steps with ease.

Your name can have an impact on your portfolio, it will describe you, and what you offer and say something about your collection.
The average store will last just 120 days, with only 10% lasting longer than this. Don’t assume your portfolio will do all the work for you! Marketing, using the best practices for SEO and being very action on social media is vital for your success.

A good portfolio should have lots of photos and information about your work. In addition, you will also have to ensure that there is link to your contact details. That way you can build a good following.

Yes, the portfolio website name generator. You can click on ‘Generate’ as many times as you like.
There are no guarantees, it can take a long time. Try to reach lots of people, create a great experience when people interact with your brand and be careful with cash flow. Good luck with your venture!