10 Best Squarespace Personal Website Examples

10 Best Squarespace Personal Website Examples

If you are thinking of setting up a personal website you should consider one of these Squarespace personal website examples. Most personal websites are easy to use and manage. They are often quite minimalistic and therefore fast loading. There is a range of styles available from those that are more gallery based to others with one single hero image. In the

Why choose One of the Squarespace personal website examples?

These templates are all ideal for a blog or showcasing images which are likely to be the main types of content you wish to display on a personal blog. Some templates enable you to embed the URL for videos, which will enable you to show the video on your website without slowing down your store. You may wish to consider eCommerce capabilities if you want to sell merchandise or do affiliate marketing.

In the article below we share ten great Squarespace Personal Website Examples for you to consider.


Bailard Highlights:

  • Two ‘call to action’ buttons on the homepage.
  • Add a high-quality hero image.
  • Lazy loading of your images.
  • A bold, minimalistic design.

With this popular, bold, and minimalistic template, you can have two call-to-action buttons to connect with the people that follow your blog. One of the buttons is centered on a hero image so you can choose your favorite picture to be the star of your personal website. You can ask them to sign up for your mailing list so they can keep up to date with your news and blogs.

This is a great option for a personal blog and there are also ecommerce options. Perhaps you take photos and wish to sell them. This is a fast website that uses lazy loading of images so ideal for ranking well on Google and other search engines.


Tremont Highlights:

  • Perfect for mobile viewing.
  • Fast loading template.
  • Integrate switch ChatNow.
  • A static homepage with call-to-actions.

This fast website works well on all devices so you will be able to rank well on Google and other search engines. You can integrate with ChatNow to keep up to date with your followers. There is a static homepage where you can showcase your images and have call-to-actions that can lead to other pages like your blog. This template also has eCommerce capabilities, perhaps if you are an influencer and wish to do affiliate marketing.


Mojave Highlights:

  • Scrolling effect within the main design.
  • Perfectly placed call-to-action buttons.
  • Include images and videos.
  • Create share buttons for social media.

This is a great template with a striking beautiful appearance that can help you showcase your images and videos, including a banner. You can include share buttons if you are technical to widen your audience. This template is also great for loading times so ideal for ranking on Google and other search engines. There is a scrolling effect on the homepage. There are lots of page options like homepage, blog posts, events, gallery, etc. This template is ideal for those who are artistic in particular.


Bedford Highlights:

  • Easy navigation across your website.
  • A scrolling index page.
  • Great images and videos.
  • Add banners across your site.

This template is a good option if you also have videos on Youtube that you would like to play on your website. You can embed the code for the videos so they don't slow down your website. This personal template is ideal for influencers or professionals. There are eCommerce capabilities and you can also add banners. This fast template will help you rank well on Google and other search engines. There is easy navigation across your website and a scrolling index page. You can include a call-to-action to get your fans to sign up for your mailing list.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

Hayden Highlights:

  • Excellent blogging section.
  • Modern and sleek Squarespace template.
  • Lots of page options including portfolio, gallery, etc.
  • Rank well on Google or other search engines.

This is a customizable template that has a blogging section so you can publish new content to keep all your fans up to date. The sleek and professional design will showcase your images perfectly and enable you to rank well on Google and other search engines. This template offers easy navigation with a sticky navigation bar at the top of the website page. You can add lots of different pages with this template including services, clients, portfolios, case studies, galleries, etc.


Native Highlights:

  • A great option if you wish to do a lot of blogging.
  • Display your high-quality images in a gallery.
  • Showcase the location on each blog entry.
  • Fully optimized for mobile devices.

This template displays the location of where a blog is written so it is ideal for a personal website for someone who travels. There is a scrolling homepage that will aid with the navigation of your website. You can include high-quality images that are all displayed in the gallery. This template uses rounded thumbnails for a modern look too. You can link to your social media to encourage engagement from your followers. This template is fully optimized for all devices, including mobiles, so you can rank well on search engines.


Almar Highlights:

  • A clean template design.
  • Easy template to use.
  • Effective template for loading times.
  • Add a call-to-action to sign up for your mailing list.

This is a clean and easy template that is easy to use. You don’t need to have any developer knowledge or know coding. It’s a template that is fast to load and works well on both desktop and mobile. You can also add eCommerce to your website, perhaps you are an artist and occasionally wish to sell pieces of your work.

You can add a call-to-action, perhaps you want to also set up a mailing list so you can get people to sign up for your emails and keep in touch with your blogs and all your news. This is a great template for ranking well on Google and other search engines.

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Avenue Highlights:

  • Minimalist design to enhance high-quality images.
  • Faster loading time for ranking on Google and other search engines.
  • Showcase the best of your blog posts.
  • Has eCommerce capabilities.

This is a great option for a basic, minimalist personal website you can include a blog and even sell things for this template. You can include high-quality images to showcase your life. You’ll find this template easy to use and maintain, you don’t need to know coding or have developer knowledge. It is also a fast website that is designed to rank well on Google and other search engines

Carson – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Carson Highlights:

  • Showcase lots of images.
  • Multiple images display depending on where the mouse is positioned.
  • Add a contact page and an about me page.
  • A fast-loading website.

This is a great template option if you would like lots of images on your personal website. The design is unique and quite a good choice for someone who travels a lot. The images on display change depending on where the visitor's mouse is sat which can increase engagement.

The hidden menu will enable the visitor to navigate your website. This is an easy-to-use template that doesn’t require you to have developer skills or knowledge. You can include a blog with links, a contact page, and an about me section. This is also a fast-loading website which is great for SEO (search engine optimization).

Bryant Hill

Bryant Hill Highlights:

  • Scrolling page design gives a modern look.
  • Good navigation to your website.
  • Enables eCommerce options.
  • Can be integrated with email marketing.

This template works well for a personal website due to its professional appearance. You can monetize your website as well if you wish to sell merchandise for example. You can also ask visitors to your website to sign up for your mailing list where you can keep them in touch with your news and your blog posts for example. You can also link to your social media accounts to increase social proof on your store.

With the scrolling appearance of the website and good navigational links, you will find that visitors to your website can move around with ease. This template will also help you rank highly on Google. This template utilizes lots of different elements to enhance your website's aesthetics. For instance, you can add images, videos, and audio to your website.

Final Word: Squarespace Personal Website Examples

When you are planning to set up a personal website you will want a stylish template that looks modern and has plenty of space to showcase your pictures. A blog might be helpful and you might even want to sell merchandise or artwork you have created depending on your hobbies. You’ll want a fast blog that works on mobile and has good navigation as well. So which of the ten Squarespace personal website examples above will you choose? Let us know in the comments.