What Happened to My Page Header After Switching Squarespace Templates?

What Happened to My Page Header After Switching Squarespace Templates?

Building a website takes a long time. You’ve got to get everything perfect for your customers. One of the key aspects that you’ve got to get right is the header of your website. This is part of the Squarespace website that every visitor to your site will see and it can determine whether or not your visitors will convert or abandon your store.

You can spend hours perfecting your header. You can change the text, content, style, add a logo, add in special images or additional information. While it seems trivial, results do show that some design choices can make a big difference when it comes to increasing the revenues of your brand.

But there are going to be times too when you want to have a reset of your website and perhaps change the Squarespace template that you’re using. This is a quick, painless exercise that involves you just installing the new template and making the switch. There is no need to hire a developer or spend hours over the process.

However, one of the things that you might notice is that your page header will look very different from the one that you had on the old template. Why is this and what can be done to fix the problem?

Understanding Header Styles on Squarespace

When it comes to Squarespace the styles of a website from the footer, text styles, colors and header are always included in the template’s files. They’re not stored in the website files. When a user accesses your website, the software will use the active template’s files to collect how the page should look.

Therefore, if you make a change in your old template and then use a new template, then the style used will be the one within the new template. The old template will be ignored by the software. That doesn’t mean the changes you’ve made are lost, they’re just not accessible unless you make the old website template the active template on your website,

The only time that your old website headers and other customizations are not available is when you’ve uninstalled the template from your Squarespace website. This will mean that any attempt to get those customizations back will fail as if you reinstall the template, the default styles will be loaded, not your customizations. They would have been deleted along with the uninstallation of the template.

How to Get Back the Header Styles from Old Squarespace Template

If you’re thinking about getting the header styles back from the old template, there are two options. The first is to revert back to the old Squarespace template. This is quick and painless and will work within minutes.

The other options is to customize the new template so the header is changed to match the old design. This is a long process and you might find that not all customizations can be applied to the new template.

Always be sure new templates have the features you want before making the switch. And never delete the old template unless you’re sure you never want to use it, or the customization on it, again.

Final Word: What Happened to My Page Header After Switching Squarespace Templates?

When you switch templates on Squarespace, the customizations you’ve made to your header will have disappeared. Your header will look vastly different in most cases. You can either revert to the old header or make changes to the new template’s header to bring back those header settings.