Where Do I Put Google Analytics Code in Squarespace?

Where Do I Put Google Analytics Code in Squarespace?

Google Analytics is a great tool for you to make improvements to your Squarespace website. It can showcase lots of different pieces of data that can be collected to make business decisions about the design and marketing of your website. Therefore, it's essential for you to add the Google tracking code to your Squarespace website.

What is the Google Analytics Tracking Code?

The Google Analytics tracking code is a small sequence of numbers and letters that is unique to your website and account on Google Analytics. It allows Google to collect and display data from your website on the dashboard. Without the code, no information can be displayed.

Each code is unique to your website and you can only have one installed on your website. It does need to be installed correctly on the website for it to work properly. However, Squarespace is really good in that it has the technology and HTML already installed within the templates and core programming of the platform to ensure that the code can be inserted into your website easily for better performance.

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How Long Does it Take for the Google Analytics Code to Work?

As soon as you’ve completed the process to add the Google Analytics code to your Squarespace website, you can expect your website’s data to display in the analytics dashboard within 24 hours. The platform will not be able to populate information from historic visitors, but it can display live actions on your website.

You should also note that it will pick up your behaviors on the website. Therefore, you might want to remove your IP address from the Google Analytics dashboard, so Google doesn’t use your behavior within data that can mean you have misleading data.

How to Add the Google Analytics Tracking Code to your Squarespace Website

If you’re looking to connect your Google Analytics account to Squarespace, you need to log into your Squarespace website. From the ‘Home Menu’, you can then click on the option that reads ‘Settings’. In there you need to locate and click on the ‘Advanced’ option.

Within the next section, there is going to be an option that reads as ‘External API Keys’. You need to click on this and find the option that reads ‘Google Analytics Account Number’. Within this data capture box, you can enter the tracking ID that can be found on your Google account.

After you’ve done this, click on the ‘Save’ option. Then wait 24 hours for the data to populate your website.

Steps for Putting Google Analytics Code in Squarespace

Creating a Google Analytics Account

First, sign up for a Google Analytics account if you haven't already. Visit the Google Analytics website and follow the prompts to create a new account. Once your account is set up, you'll receive a unique tracking ID (for UA) or measurement ID (for GA4). Keep this ID handy as you'll need it for integration with Squarespace.

Adding the Tracking ID to Squarespace

In your Squarespace dashboard, navigate to Settings > Advanced > External API Keys. Here, you'll find a field labeled 'Google Analytics'. Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID or measurement ID into this field. This step links your Squarespace site with Google Analytics, enabling data collection.

Verifying the Integration

After adding the tracking ID, it's important to ensure that the integration is working correctly. Visit your Google Analytics account and check the Realtime report. If you see data from your Squarespace site, the integration is successful. This verification step is crucial to confirm that you're collecting accurate website data.

Tips When Putting Google Analytics Code in Squarespace

Verify Your Tracking ID

Before integrating Google Analytics with Squarespace, ensure you have the correct tracking ID. For UA, it starts with 'UA-', and for GA4, it begins with 'G-'. This verification avoids data discrepancies and ensures accurate tracking. Double-checking your ID is a simple yet crucial step in the setup process.

Exclude Internal Traffic

To gain accurate insights, exclude internal traffic, such as visits from you and your team. This can be done in Google Analytics settings by filtering out known IP addresses. Excluding internal traffic prevents skewed data, offering a true reflection of visitor behavior. It's particularly vital for small or new sites, where internal visits can significantly impact the data.

Regularly Check Data Accuracy

After setting up Google Analytics in Squarespace, regularly verify the accuracy of the data collected. Check metrics like real-time visitors and traffic sources to ensure they align with your expectations. Regular checks help identify any discrepancies early, allowing for timely corrections. This practice ensures the ongoing reliability of your website's analytics data.

For more insights on enhancing your site's visibility and performance, explore our guide on SEO and analytics, highlighting key strategies beyond just integrating Google Analytics.

Conclusion: Where Do I Put Google Analytics Code in Squarespace?

Google Analytics is a very important tool for managing your website. It can tell you when customers aren’t engaging with a page and it can also help you make design decisions on your website. Above are quick instructions on how you can add the Google Analytics code to your Squarespace website.

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