Which of these 10 is the Best Squarespace Template for a Personal Brand?

Which of these 10 is the Best Squarespace Template for a Personal Brand?

There are lots of options when you want to find the best Squarespace template for a personal brand. You have tonnes to think about and the final decision is dependent on your needs.

Which is the Best Squarespace Template for a Personal Brand?

To be the best Squarespace template for a personal brand, you will need to ensure your website is fast and can work on a mobile device.

You might also want to find a template that offers you lots of opportunities for revenue generation. Being a personal brand you might rely on dropshipping, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, merchandise or something else.

So which of these is the best Squarespace template for a personal brand?


Wells Highlights:

  • A great design for showcasing portfolios of your work online.
  • Sell merchandise or more on your website with eCommerce features.
  • Upload images and videos onto your website with ease.
  • Can use images from Unsplash.

Wells is a popular template for those who are artists, photographers, creative niches and more. It is perfect for a personal brand and it can be a great way for you to showcase what you can do for brands or with your life. It takes very little time to maintain your website and you can add new content regularly to showcase the latest content.

The template allows you to use lots of different media on the website. You can add videos, images, artwork and portfolios. This can help you impress guests with more quality work and branding. Videos can be added to your website with ease, thanks to the embedded URL feature.

If you have any merchandise or products, you can sell products with ease through eCommerce capabilities.


Lange Highlights:

  • Full-bleed images to help you showcase the best work you’ve produced.
  • Intuitive navigation system to help your audience find their way around.
  • Perfect for ranking on Google and other search engines.
  • Add notes to images about your past work to improve their context.

Lange is used by numerous brands from photographers and others to sell your brand and attract more to your business. The visual aspects of this template can look very professional. There are also spaces where you can add notes and credits to the images so you can add context to every single image.

The template has an intuitive navigation system on the template. There is also a vertical scrolling option that offers user-friendly use. This can help you convert more on your website, but at the same time can also help you rank better. The higher you’re ranked, the more traffic that you will attract to your website.


Native Highlights:

  • This is a great blogging platform that is perfect for promoting your personal brand.
  • Showcase your best work with high-quality images.
  • Optimised speed for your website, so customers have a better experience.
  • Rank your website high that will attract more traffic.

Whether you’re setting up a blog or a site for a business, Native is the versatile Squarespace template that is perfect for you. You can share your ideas, products and more with the world with this template. There is a customisable header and circular thumbnail image that can be located on blog posts.

The template has lots of good ability with social media integrations. Social media is going to be an important aspect of building a stronger brand on your website. And you can get more traffic to your website by having a strong social media presence. In addition, the blogging features on this template are perfect for increasing your SEO and getting more traffic.

The template includes a location element that can be added to every blog. Perfect for those who are travel bloggers or lifestyle bloggers.


Rally Highlights:

  • Optimised for speed, allowing for a better rank and more traffic.
  • List posts about your personal brand and get people engaged.
  • A smooth scrolling aspect on the website that improves your user’s experience.
  • The template can be used for numerous niches with ease.

Rally is a streamlined website template that allows you to showcase numerous blog posts about your personal brand with images and text that is alluring. The simplified design has a great menu option that is located at the top right corner. Next to the menu on your template is the possibility to add your social media links.

The template is perfect for showcasing your numerous blog posts. Blog posts are really important for marketing. The more blog content you publish, the more traffic you will get and the more revenue you can earn.

There is a smooth scrolling aspect on your website template that can help you improve the user’s experience. But Rally is also fully optimised for mobiles and SEO.

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template

Skye Highlights:

  • Skye is one of the best Squarespace templates available.
  • Fast loading with lots of great options to entice audiences to stay with your website longer.
  • A booking system to take appointments with ease.
  • Can rank high on Google that allows you to get more traffic.

Skye is considered one of the best Squarespace templates used by numerous different brands within various niches. The template has a block centric design that is easy to customise. Therefore, you don’t need to have any experience to use Skye.

Skye is perfect for personal brands that use a lot of blog content. Blogging is a great way to market your company. There are lots of image options that you can use to promote your content across the internet. And there are ways that you can build trust with your audience too.

If you want to offer consultations, then you can use the booking system with this template. This is a great revenue stream. However, you can also have eCommerce features added to your website for selling merchandise and more.

The template is perfect for use on all devices. And you can build your presence with a better ranking on Google and other search engines.


Kent Highlights:

  • One of the best Squarespace templates for those who want to use media on their website.
  • You can add videos to your website that can showcase what you do.
  • You’re able to sell merchandise and more on your website.
  • You can rank your website high on Google and other search engines with ease.

Kent is one of the best templates for those who want something attractive and clean. It can help you advertise your personal brand with lots of great text and images. You can use a portfolio page to showcase your work. This can also work to grab the attention of your audience with ease. The portfolio page can have lots of different kinds of media on it including video and images.

There are different types of pages that can be added to your website. This includes cover, blog, event, album, and more. You’re also able to sell merchandise and other products on your website. This is a great way to earn more revenue from your business.

Sofia Rey – Freelancer Squarespace Template

Sofia Rey Highlights:

  • Promote your personal brand with ease, showcasing your skills and talents.
  • Connect all your social media profiles to your website with ease.
  • Add a contact form to help you keep engaged with audiences.
  • Showcase reviews on your website for better performance.

Personal branding often means that you’re working alone, or in a small group like a couple. So when you need to find a way to market your brand, then you can turn to Sofia Rey as a way to showcase your talents and skills. There are lots of elements on this template that are perfect for promoting your brand. For instance, you can use this app for pages like skills, services, reviews, contact and more.

The template comes with a beautiful resume design. However, you can make customisations and changes that enhance this. You can include news about your personal brand, where you’re going to feature in the media, what you’re up to and more.

The template’s vibrant design is beautiful and sleek. It also makes you look highly professional. The navigation system is also perfect for numerous brands. It can help audiences find their way around your website, help with SEO and improve conversions on your website. There are also ways to connect your website to your social media accounts, allowing you to keep audiences engaged across channels.

Sofia Pazari

Sofia Pazari Highlights:

  • Sofia Pazari is a clean and aesthetically pleasing template that can help you promote your personal brand.
  • Perfect for displaying on any device with ease. This includes mobile and desktops.
  • Great for ranking with a simple, clean design that minimises the loading times.
  • You can easily customise the template for your perfect design.

This is a perfect template for ranking on Google and other search engines, helping you to bring more traffic to your website. This is done through the minimalist design that incorporates great images and important text points on the whole page. The template is also quick to load, which helps with the user’s experience and improves the ranking of your website.

There are two core images that are included on the website’s homepage. These can be linked to other pages on your website. There is also a simple menu that is located on the top right of the page. This can bring better navigation across your website. There are all kinds of pages that you can add to this menu.

This template also utilises a clear design that allows you to focus your efforts on what makes your personal brand unique.


Mojave Highlights:

  • Has a striking appearance that can impress your guests with ease.
  • You’re able to add videos and images to your website with ease.
  • Add share buttons to the content of your website.
  • This template has lots of aspects that help you to improve loading times and the rank of your website.

This template allows you to promote your website with ease thanks to all the things that are included with this template. For instance, it is easy for you to add videos and images to your website. For videos, all you need to do is to include the URL of the video on YouTube and the software will do the rest for you.

There are also ways that you can add share buttons to your pages. These share pages can help you reach a wider audience on social media. This can be an important way for you to find new revenue streams and more.

There is a default white background, but this can be changed and you can use this to highlight your work rather than taking the audience’s attention away.


Jasper Highlights:

  • An easy to maintain template that can feature lots of different media.
  • A grid-based design for better design and use by anyone, even those without web development skills.
  • Tell emotional stories to engage audiences and convert more.
  • Can rank your website on Google and other search engines with just a few good SEO practices.

Jasper is one of the most simple templates that can be used on Squarespace. It is the perfect option for those who want to have a website profile with blogging, but don’t have the technical skills to manage a highly complex site. Thanks to the simplicity of the template, the loading times for your site will be fast. This can help you improve your ranking and conversions.

The site can have animations on it that allow you to engage audiences. And there are scaling fonts that can be used within the headers to make the website easier to read.

The template includes project pages that can be used to showcase your recent work. You’re then able to use these to build pages for keeping all the blog posts about set work together. Therefore, you can tell emotive stories over several blog posts if you would like to.

Final Word: Which of these 10 is the Best Squarespace Template for a Personal Brand?

When you’re looking for the best Squarespace template for a personal brand, then you need to look at the ten options above. Each has lots of benefits for them. So which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.