Why Can’t I Find the Font I Want to Use on Squarespace?

Why Can’t I Find the Font I Want to Use on Squarespace?

When it comes to creating content on your website, there are lots of different fonts that you can use. However, that doesn’t mean that the font that you want to use is on Squarespace. Squarespace only has a few fonts stored within the programming. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the font that you would want, here are the instructions that you need to upload a custom font to your Squarespace website.

Step 1 – Log in

Log into your Squarespace website using your credentials.

Step 2 – Custom CSS

Now you need to go over in the design and then Custom CSS area of your website’s backend. Then you can scroll down to just below the CSS window and click on the option that reads ‘Manage Custom Files’.

Step 3 – Font File Upload

You will need to select the font file that is on your computer. If you don’t have the file for the format, you can use several places to find and download the font files. A good option is FontSquirrel.com. These fonts can be free for commercial use. You’re also able to get some affordable fonts from Creative Market.

Step 4 – Tell Squarespace Where to Find the Font

Now you can add a little bit of CSS to get Squarespace to know where the font is on the website. Add this little bit of code to your custom CSS settings.


{ font-family: 'NAME';

src: url('FONT URL'); }

Remember that you need to change the ‘NAME’ and ‘FONT URL’ to the specific details of the custom font that you would like to upload to your website.

Step 3 – Assign Font to Heading/Text Styles

Now you have told Squarespace where the font can be found and this will allow Squarespace to collect the necessary details to render that text style on your website. However, you will need to tell Squarespace how to use that information. It will not automatically use any custom CSS on your website.

For this, you will need to add some more custom code to your website. For instance, you will need to add in this coding.

h1 {font-family: 'NAME';}
h2 {font-family: 'NAME';}
h3 {font-family: 'NAME';}

This coding will now change any heading into the custom font that you’ve specified.

Final Word: Why Can’t I Find the Font I Want to Use on Squarespace?

While Squarespace might not have your font at the moment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it. You can upload the font to your website and then add CSS to tell Squarespace how to use the font on your website. The process requires some coding knowledge. But with the right mindset, you can get that font added to your website.