Acuity Booking App

Acuity Booking App

Freedom with Acuity Scheduling?

Imagine lying poolside, phone-free, while you’re booking appointments for your business. The warm air is blowing in your hair, and you’re relaxed knowing that your bookings are still rolling in, even though you’re not answering the phone. And it’s not because you’ve shirked your duties, it’s because you decided to use an online scheduling app.

When you have an online booking app, you have freedom from answering your phone, paying employees to answer, or paying a booking service.

It’s not just about using an app, it’s about giving business owners the freedom to disconnect, to focus on enjoying life, and growing business, not the bureaucracy.

What Can Acuity Do?

It’s a rockstar of scheduling apps, let’s be honest. You can sync your calendar, automate emails, send text messages, as well as integrate with payment processors. SquareSpace users are raving about it, but we want to take a closer look. And if you're not yet a SquareSpace user, we've got a special coupon code to help you get started: OKDIGITAL10.

Why People Choose Acuity?

More and more business owners looking to streamline the booking process are using Acuity on SquareSpace. Formerly called Squarespace Scheduling, this practical feature allows business owners to manage everything they need in the booking process.

It’s great for all sorts of business owners, such as doctors, lawyers, beauticians, personal trainers. If your business relies on the phone to place bookings, Acuity can eliminate the need for booking phone calls. Imagine how much time you’d have if you didn’t have to deal with bookings over the telephone! Think about how much money and time you’ll save by not having to pay an employee to answer the phone and do bookings.

Acuity is always open, unlike your business. You can take bookings, cancellations, and changes 24/7. Many businesses rely on an answering service or answering machine to answer after hours inquiries. Once you install Acuity, you can say goodbye to your answering service and ancient answering machine system. For business owners still paying for these outdated services, the savings in cost will be a nice side benefit for changing over to Acuity.

Some business owners say that automatic bookings aren’t effective and that they need phone time with their customers. Well, there’s a feature for that too. You can set up Acuity for booking Zoom calls or phone calls. If you think that your target market isn’t internet savvy, you should rethink. Most seniors today have smartphones, go online, and can easily adapt to an online booking system. That said, we do believe that communicating with clients about a switch to online booking can help you make critical decisions about whether Acuity is for you. Once you move to Acuity online booking, explaining the transition to your customers can make it easier. You can even show it to them in person, assure them that it gives them more freedom as well.

Is Acuity Right for You?

  • Are you a SquareSpace or other compatible website owner?
  • Do you make appointments on the phone or email that you could do via a scheduling app on your website?
  • Are you missing phone calls due to lack of staff or time?
  • Are you using an after-hours answering service?
  • Is the company ready to make a change?
  • Do you feel that your customers will be able to make the change?
  • Could you benefit from 24/7 bookings?

Is Acuity Complicated to Install?

When we talk about apps or features, one of the things that everyone loves about SquareSpace is their native features and apps. The benefit of peace of mind knowing that the schedule app will integrate perfectly with SquareSpace shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s easily our #1 way to manage scheduling on SquareSpace.

Which brings us to our next yay moment for Acuity… you don’t need to know how to code to install it!

The way Acuity is set up with Squarespace allows business owners to implement and customize it without the use of developers. Save your dev hours for when you really need them, and take charge of your own scheduling from start to finish. The help center in SquareSpace explains that it's a matter of copy-paste.


But let’s be honest, we can’t give all the credit to SquareSpace. They acquired Acuity in 2019 and have benefitted from the tremendous research and progress in the field of scheduling apps done at Acuity. In fact, Acuity is seen as one of the industry leaders and pioneers in the field of scheduling apps. SquareSpace’s acquisition was a smart way to get in on the game of scheduling apps.

After going over the benefits of Acuity, it’s a big winner and a clear choice for SquareSpace users. In fact, it’s such a well-functioning scheduling system that it influences people to choose SquareSpace vs other website builders. Acuity is one of the pioneers in the field and brings decades of experience to SquareSpace’s already-robust offerings.

If you’re someone who relies heavily on bookings for your business, you might even choose SquareSpace because it’s got Acuity integrated so perfectly.

Here Are Our Main Reasons Why We Say a Big “Yes” to Choosing Acuity:

  • Guaranteed integration with SquareSpace
  • Everything you need to automate scheduling without the fluff
  • Self-installation for non-coders
  • Saves money on employee hours, developer hours
  • Comes with the expertise of Acuity, an industry leader

So if you’re already a SquareSpace user and ready to get started with Acuity, we recommend using their official site for the latest installation. And to help business owners make that critical decision of whether to use Acuity, you can have a free trial. Here is how to sign up for a free trial:

  • Visit and click “Try Scheduling.”
  • Sign up using your Google, Apple, or email account
  • For existing users, you’ll be asked to sign into SquareSpace. For new users, it will take you through the signup process.
  • Select “Create a new Acuity Scheduling account” and click “Next”
  • SquareSpace users will then get a 2-week trial of Acuity.

Now it’s time to set it up and make the most of your free trial! And if you decide to purchase, we've got a special coupon code for you: OKDIGITAL10.

Now wasn’t that easy? Best of luck to new Acuity users!

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Acuity is a better solution for SquareSpace than Honeybook because Acuity is made for SquareSpace and Honeybook is not. We can’t really speak to Acuity vs. Honeybook on platforms other than SquareSpace.


SquareSpace acquired Acuity in 2019 in its first acquisition. While Acuity is SquareSpace’s “native” booking app, it is still a popular choice for other platforms as well. As experts in SquareSpace, we recommend using only Acuity for stability, performance, and its ability to seamlessly integrate with SquareSpace.

Acuity works on Shopify and has many satisfied customers on Shopify. There used to be a tutorial from Acuity on how to do this, but it seems to have disappeared. Would love to have a bit more information on this before recommending for/against.

You can integrate Acuity with Zoom in just a few clicks. It's an integration supported by Acuity as well as third-parties like Zapier. We like that Acuity supports this integration and recommend giving it a try if you need Zoom and Acuity to work together.

Square is a payment processor that works seamlessly with Acuity. In fact, CRM giant Zapier offers automations with Acuity and Square that look super promising. We think that setting up Square with Acuity can open a world of possibilities and do recommend it. Not all payment processors will integrate so easily, so why not go with Square, which we already know integrates so smoothly with Acuity. This is true for SquareSpace and other platforms