10 Best Author Squarespace Templates

10 Best Author Squarespace Templates

If you are an author you’re going to want to choose one of the best templates for your new author website. Most of the templates are quite minimalist but it is a good idea to show lots of images of your novels. Including videos can also be a great way to engage with your audience so this is also a good feature to have.

Writing a blog will also help you grow your reach, you will need a great SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to make the most of this. Having a blog allows you to improve traffic and leads. Research has shown that websites that publish more than 15 blogs per month can get more traffic with 70% more leads. So this is an essential feature for your author template.
In this article, let's showcase several template options for your author's website below.

Why Choose From the Best Author Squarespace Templates?

An important aspect of your author template is to be able to customize the template, including the color as you will want your website to match the theme and colors of your novels. The templates vary in style; some are very minimalistic, while others have a more luxurious or creatively professional style.

You’ll want to be able to include lots of ways for your fans to stay in contact with you such as social media share buttons, call-to-action buttons, and the mailing list sign-up. You’ll also want a contact page.

Templates that are fast and optimized for all devices will help with ranking on Google and other search engines. This will help you reach a wider audience.

So take a look at the 10 of the best author Squarespace templates below.

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Must-Have Author Squarespace Templates


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Crosby Template

Crosby Highlights:

  • Aesthetically pleasing homepage layout.
  • ECommerce capabilities.
  • Add links to connect categories.
  • A fast template.

This template is ideal for blogging, it has a darker background than some of the other templates. The colors can be altered to suit your novels. This is a fast-loading website for a great user experience. You can link to different categories which is great if you write novels in different genres and have written a lot of books. There are also eCommerce options.


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Hester Template

Hester Highlights:

  • Fun and modern template.
  • Styles can be customized.
  • Build a mailing list
  • Lots of features.

This is a great, modern template for an author blog that will help you attract a wider audience with the right SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. You can include an about us page to tell your audience all about you as an author and about your novels. You can easily upload and market merchandise. There’s the ability to subscribe visitors to your mailing list so you can update them when you release new books or have news about upcoming novels. You can customize this template and the colors can match your brand.


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Wycoff Template

Wycoff Highlights:

  • A simple one-page website.
  • Lots of space for images.
  • Add call-to-actions.
  • Easy to maintain the website.

This is a one-page website that offers high performance yet is easy to maintain. There’s a lot of space for lots of images and you can include lots of calls to action to encourage user engagement. It’s also mobile-friendly so will display well on all devices.


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Mojave Template

Mojave Highlights:

  • Add eCommerce features.
  • Scrolling effect in the design.
  • A banner can be added to any page that you want
  • Lots of page options including blog posts, events, galleries, etc.

This template is strikingly beautiful and very easy to customize by style and feature. There is a white background and you can easily change the colors to match your branding. There is easy navigation of the website with a scrolling effect which can improve user experience. You can add a call to action button to engage with your audience. You can add images and videos to increase customer engagement. There are lots of page options including blog, events, gallery, etc and you can include share buttons on these.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Hayden Template

Hayden Highlights:

  • Luxury design.
  • Showcase examples of your writing.
  • Great navigational options.
  • Sticky navigation bar.

This template is very easy to customize and you can include an author blog. The user will have a great experience with the sticky navigation bar. The menu is located at the top right of the website. You can also sell products on this store like your latest novel or merchandise. It has a luxurious feel to the template and a unique style. It feels very professional.

You can include a portfolio section which could be an ideal way to showcase all your novels. There’s also the option to add social media buttons to add social proof and connect with your audience.


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Kent Template

Kent Highlights:

  • A simple template.
  • Attractive and clean design.
  • Use videos, images, audio, and more on this template.
  • Lots of page options.

This is one of the best Squarespace templates that enable you to add videos to your pages, including your blog posts with ease. Videos are great for increasing engagement. You can also have eCommerce options with this template such as selling your novels or merchandise for example. You might even have affiliate sales. Perhaps you have written a cookbook and sold affiliate baking or kitchen items.

This template will give you the potential to rank well on Google and other search engines with the right SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. The design is attractive and clean. You can have lots of page options with this template including a cover, author events, an album, and a contact page among other options.


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Rally Template

Rally Highlights:

  • A streamlined template.
  • Scrolling design on the front page.
  • Great for blog posts.
  • Great menu navigation.

This is a fast-loading, streamlined template that will help you rank well on Google and other search engines. You’ll be able to publish lots of blog articles to keep your fans up to date with your latest news and novels. There’s a smooth scrolling appearance for a great customer experience.

You can also include lots of great images of your novels and even videos of you reading excerpts for example. There is an aesthetically attractive menu with space for social media links. This template also works across all devices and is mobile-friendly.


Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Myhra Template

Myhra Highlights:

  • A great blogging section to help build content to engage audiences.
  • Grow your brand with extra traffic and improve those revenue streams.
  • Option for diverse revenue streams.
  • Lots of features to help market and improve user experiences.

This is a great option for an author template on Squarespace that you can log on to get more traffic. It is also customized to help with your ranking on Google and other search engines. There’s also the option for a variety of revenue streams. This app includes lots of features.

Harris – Minimal Corporate Squarespace Template

Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Harris Template

Harris – Minimal Corporate Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A minimalist Squarespace template.
  • Perfectly placed and beautiful header, great for marketing upcoming releases.
  • Menu in the top right corner.
  • Ideal for lots of blogging, and perfect for promoting your book.

This template suits a variety of niches and is particularly great for authors who plan to do a lot of blogging. It looks very professional and has a beautiful header that you can customize to suit your style. The menu in the top right-hand corner is designed for easy navigation of your website and there are numerous inner page templates that you can apply to your Squarespace website. These pages can include projects, profiles, etc. It’s a fast and minimalist template

Impact – Education Squarespace Template

Author Squarespace Templates -  Cartoon of Impact Template

Impact – Education Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A great template option for an author blog.
  • Add lots of information to the header and footer.
  • Perfect for loading fast.
  • Call to action features.

This template is great for authors who wish to make the most of their blog which is ideal for racing a greater audience if you use the right SEO (search engine optimization) technique and the right blogging strategy. There are lots of great features and a well-designed area. You can include useful information on the header and footer.

This is a fast-loading template that is easy to edit. There are great navigation sections and you can use a call to action to encourage customers to go to different locations on your website or to contact you.

Exploring Author Squarespace Templates

Unique Squarespace Template Features

When selecting a Squarespace template, authors should consider unique features that cater to their specific needs.

For instance, some templates offer minimalist designs ideal for showcasing a portfolio or writing samples, while others provide organized layouts for blogging and book promotion.

Features like newsletter sign-up blocks are essential for audience engagement, and built-in online stores can facilitate book sales.

Squarespace Template Customization

Customization is key for authors to reflect their personal brand and writing style. Squarespace templates should allow for easy adjustments in layout, color schemes, and typography.

This flexibility ensures that the website resonates with the author's unique voice and appeals to their target audience. Authors should seek templates that balance customization options with user-friendly design.

Third-Party Squarespace Template Options

Exploring third-party Squarespace templates can offer more creative and unique options for authors. These templates are often strategically designed with specific author needs in mind, featuring pre-built pages and writing prompts to simplify website creation. They can provide a fresh, modern look different from standard Squarespace offerings, making an author's website stand out.

Enhancing Author Websites with Squarespace Templates

Optimizing for Readability

Authors must ensure their website is optimized for readability. This includes choosing Squarespace templates with well-spaced content, clear fonts, and a layout that enhances the reading experience. Templates should also support different content types, from long-form articles to quick updates, without compromising readability.

Integrating Social Media and Blogs

Integrating social media and blogs is crucial for authors to maintain a dynamic online presence. Select Squarespace templates that offer seamless integration with platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and have features for easy blog post updates. This integration helps authors stay connected with their audience and share updates more efficiently.

Focusing on SEO and Mobile Responsiveness

SEO and mobile responsiveness are vital for reaching a broader audience. Authors should choose Squarespace templates that are optimized for search engines and adapt well to mobile devices. This ensures better visibility in search results and a pleasant browsing experience for readers using smartphones and tablets.

Conclusion: 10 Best Author Squarespace Templates

If you are an author you’re going to want to choose one of the best author templates for your Squarespace website. There are lots of great features and designs to choose from. Which one will you choose?

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