10 Best Interactive Squarespace Templates

10 Best Interactive Squarespace Templates

Are you looking for a website that will take your brand to the next level? Then you need to start looking at the interactive Squarespace templates.

What makes the Best Interactive Squarespace Templates?

Numerous things can help you make the best interactive Squarespace templates. For instance, you can build a website that has the background image change. Or you can add new features as your website’s call-to-action buttons. There can also be videos, audio, and more added to your website.

Numerous interactions can be added to any website. The problem is that you have to make sure that your website doesn’t perform badly because of this. High-powered content like this can add bulky code to a website that can lower speed. Therefore, you need templates that can perform well.

Speed is an important aspect. For every second that it takes to load your website, you will lose 7% of your revenue. Interactive websites can sometimes take 11 seconds to load, which means you’re losing 77% of your potential revenue.

So what are the best interactive Squarespace templates? Here is a list of the 10 best possible options.

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Best Interactive Squarespace Templates


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Kent Template

Kent Highlights:

  • One of the top options for media.
  • Add videos to showcase branding.
  • Sell products and services from your website.
  • Get your website to rank high on Google.

Kent is one of the top options when it comes to building your website and getting it to look attractive and clean. You can add a spotlight and showcase why you’re a quality provider with high-quality media included on your website. You can use portfolio pages that allow you to add videos and images that can showcase the best that you have to offer and grab the attention of your audience. The template can handle all kinds of media including video, images, and more.

There are also different types of pages that you can host on your website. This can include a cover, blog, event, album, and more. You can also sell directly from your website, allowing you to earn revenue from your website.

This is a great option for those new to website building too.


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Bedford Template

Bedford Highlights:

  • Can sell your products direct from your website.
  • Add videos and images to a portfolio.
  • Create banners and more on your website.
  • Improve your website’s rank on search engines.

This template is very versatile and works for all kinds of niches from nonprofits to real estate businesses. Therefore, if you’re looking for a website that can promote your website with ease, then this is a good choice. The template has lots of good features such as a portfolio to showcase your latest work. The template also includes a sidebar navigation option for easier movement between pages.

This template can help with selling your products, services, and more online. Therefore, you can build a clear revenue stream that allows you to build a better business online.

All the pages that are on this website can include great images and videos. This can help you promote your past work and your skills/abilities. And you can add banners with images/videos that can help you to promote your website and work. The template allows you to add a clear call to action to each banner.


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Rally Template

Rally Highlights:

  • Optimized for speed.
  • A perfect blogging platform for your business.
  • Smooth scrolling pages and animations.
  • The template is perfect for numerous niches.

Rally is a streamlined template that allows you to showcase the best text and imagery for your website. It has a great look to it that allows you to have the best designs that will impress guests and help you to convert them into the next part of the purchasing path. There is a simple menu that is located at the top right of the screen. Next to this menu, there is a space for all your social media links.

The template is perfect for showcasing your written blog posts. You can add images, videos, and audio to your blog posts with ease. This can be really important because blog posts are a great way for you to build your website’s rank on Google.

Rally has good scrolling on the pages. This smooth experience helps to improve the user’s interaction with your website and can help you convert more of the audience.


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Wells Template

Wells Highlights:

  • Showcase your portfolio with ease.
  • Sell your products and services directly online.
  • Increase the value of your content with video.
  • Create lots of great content on your website.

Wells is one of the best designs for those who want to show off lots of graphical work. It is perfect for numerous niches like travel bloggers, food bloggers, and more. It is a really easy template to work with. It takes very little time to build a website and less time to maintain your designs. And you can use your finished website to promote your brand with ease. Add informative, interactive elements like videos, images, and more to your website to make them more convinced of your skill.

The template has a great eCommerce capability. Therefore, you can sell products and services online with ease. In addition, you’re able to sell tickets or get appointments for your business by adding the feature to your Squarespace website.

To help you sell more of your website’s culture and improve trust, you can upload videos to your website. This can be done by copying the URL of the video into your website’s design. Squarespace will do the rest for you. The same process can be used with images.

To help with engaging audiences, you can connect your website to social media accounts through several systems.



Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Mojave Template

Mojave Highlights:

  • A strikingly attractive Squarespace template.
  • Add videos and images to your website’s design.
  • Add share buttons to get more social media engagement.
  • Fast-loading template.

Mojave is a fantastic template that allows you to produce a great website with videos and images to sell more for your brand. It has a great scrolling effect with the design and the perfect call-to-actions that can help move customers to the next purchasing stage. You can build revenue with your website with ease. A banner can also be added to your pages so that your website can have more ways to attract audiences. All the pages and the banners can have images and videos added to them to make them more interactive.

Those who have technical skills can also add share buttons to the pages of the website. Share buttons can be included on numerous pages including blogs, homepages, portfolios, and more. The share buttons can then share your content to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Mojave has a striking appearance that looks awesome. It is perfect for any niche, including those that have a creative element to them. The white background can be changed if you would like to.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Hayden Template

Hayden Highlights:

  • Easy to customize template.
  • Sticky navigation bar for better consumer experiences.
  • Sell tickets and book appointments.
  • Perfect blogging experience for you.

Hayden is a strikingly beautiful template that can be used for almost any niche. However, it was specifically designed for the corporate and service industry so it is probably better for this area. However, it is versatile, so can be changed for your needs.

The template comes with lots of features to help you sell. For one, there is a blog that can help you improve the traffic levels of your website. Blogs can have images and videos added to them to make them more convincing and to add power to the stories/advice that you’re providing.

The template allows you to make appointments automatically. And there is a sticky menu that makes navigation across your website much easier. You can also connect your template to social media accounts for higher levels of engagement across all your platforms.


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Native Template

Native Highlights:

  • The perfect blogging platform for Squarespace users.
  • Showcase your work with images.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • Integrate your website with social media accounts.

Native is one of the top options when you want to integrate your website with social media accounts in your brand’s name. Therefore, you can build a single brand identity that can help with selling on your website with excellent alignment that encourages trust.

This template is often used by brands that want to showcase a lot of imagery like food bloggers, travel bloggers, artists, and more. Therefore, you can expect that there are a lot of imagery functions on the website. For instance, all images in galleries can be made to look rounded. This is a great modern look for your website.

If you are a blogger and want to showcase where you’ve been or what you’re talking about, then you can add locations to each blog entry. This can be interesting and allows your audience to follow you around. Other features can help you interact with audiences more.


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Jasper Template

Jasper Highlights:

  • Easy to maintain website.
  • Add lots of different media to your website.
  • Grid-based design for better ranking and customization.
  • Tell emotional stories to get more engagement.

Jasper is one of the simplest templates that you can use on Squarespace. It is the perfect template for those who want to have a blog on their website. The fast-loading and blogging can help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. The template is also good for those who’ve never managed a website before with simple grid-based designs that are perfect for editing just a small section of the website. Therefore, you can spend more time managing your business and not just your website.

The design of the home page can include animations that can help you engage your audience. This allows you to keep the audience interested in your content for longer. And with scaling fonts, you can make the website content easier to read for audiences.

The template can also showcase your past work with portfolio pages. These can include videos, images, and audio of your work. When customers see these, they can see what you’re capable of.


Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Tremont Template

Tremont Highlights:

  • This is a fast-loading website to help you rank on Google.
  • Integrates with several third-party apps.
  • Use call-to-actions on your website.
  • Responsive template for better mobile viewing.

Tremont is one of the best templates for those that are working within the food industry and it is very popular in this niche. There are lots of ways that you can showcase large images on your website to promote your services and more. There are a simple few things that can be added to your site to make it more professional and look exciting on your website.

The image on the front page is perfect for a static homepage. And you can add more images to add more context to your website.

The template can be used to showcase a menu, service list, and more. It is also perfect for numerous niches. The template can also be integrated with numerous apps like Squarespace scheduling and ChowNow.

The template can be viewed perfectly on mobile devices. It can also allow your customers to show up while on the move. Their site’s speed also helps you to rank your website with ease.

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Interactive Squarespace Templates- Cartoon of Avenue Template

Avenue Highlights:

  • A minimalist template that is perfect for loading times.
  • Perfect for selling all kinds of products.
  • High ranking potential for the template.
  • Easy to customize template.

Minimalism is one of the best website-building trends of recent years. There are several reasons for this. One is because it allows websites to rank high due to limited coding and optimized coding. Another reason is the speed, minimalist websites are often faster than others on the market.

Therefore, a template like Avenue, which is minimalist is often high on the list of the best Squarespace templates. It can help you sell products and services with ease and you don’t need any technical skills to get started.

The templates rely on grid-based layouts and editing. This can showcase numerous elements on the website as well as showcase your products with ease. You can also add pages for each digital product that you would like. These pages can include any media you would like.

Enhancing User Experience with Interactive Squarespace Templates

Tailoring to Specific Needs

Interactive Squarespace templates offer a unique way to engage visitors and enhance user experience. By focusing on specific needs, these templates can be tailored to various industries and purposes. For instance, templates with immersive, full-screen image displays are ideal for photographers and artists, putting their work at the forefront. Similarly, minimal designs with large intro statements suit designers and art directors, allowing them to create unconventional portfolios.

Streamlining Navigation

Innovative navigation styles are a key feature of interactive templates. The use of intuitive and visually interactive menus, such as hover-activated page previews, simplifies the user journey. This approach not only makes the website more engaging but also ensures that visitors can easily find what they're looking for. The inclusion of unique page overlays, customizable with color, transparency, and fade effects, adds to the visual appeal and functionality.

Showcasing Visual Stories

The ability to tell a visual story quickly and effectively is crucial, especially for creative professionals. Multiple gallery layouts in interactive templates cater to this need. These layouts adjust to image dimensions, creating a dynamic tapestry of visuals. Caption overlays activated by hover or tap further enhance the storytelling aspect, allowing visuals to communicate effectively before any text is read.

Maximizing Engagement with Interactive Elements

Encouraging Longer Visits

Interactive elements in Squarespace templates are designed to keep visitors engaged and encourage them to spend more time exploring the site. For example, when a visitor scrolls to the bottom of a page within an index, the menu is revealed, prompting them to continue their journey through the site. This feature not only enhances user experience but also increases the likelihood of visitors interacting with more content.

Customization for Personalization

The ability to customize interactive elements is a significant advantage. Users can personalize their websites to reflect their brand and style. From adjusting gallery layouts to modifying page overlays, these customization options allow for a high degree of personalization. This flexibility ensures that each website can stand out and make a strong impression on its visitors.


User-friendly design and layout are at the heart of interactive Squarespace templates. Consolidated navigation and spacious, stacked gallery layouts with captions are just a few examples of how these templates are designed with the user in mind. By focusing on ease of use and intuitive design, these templates ensure that visitors have a positive experience, regardless of their tech-savviness.

Conclusion: 10 Best Interactive Squarespace Templates

Are you looking for one of the best Interactive Squarespace templates? Then, above are some of the options for your website. Which one will you install?

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