10 Best Modern Squarespace Templates

10 Best Modern Squarespace Templates

Are you looking for one of the best modern Squarespace templates? Numerous options are available for your website.

Which are the Best Modern Squarespace Templates?

Many aspects make modern Squarespace templates brilliant. For one, they are often either minimalist or very interactive. This can be very important as they are great for loading and keeping audiences for your website to convert easily.

There are lots of additional options for you as well to improve your website’s performance. For instance, you need to ensure that you have a website that loads quickly. For every second that it takes for you to load a page, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. In addition, a slow website can cost you lots more on search ranking.

Ranking is also important, when you rank in the top 3 positions on search engines you can get 70% of the search traffic. If you rank in the bottom 3 of the page, you can get only 1-2% of traffic. This can make a significant difference.

So what are the best modern Squarespace templates?

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Highly Recommended Modern Squarespace Templates

Avenue - Website Template - Squarespace

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Avenue Template

Avenue Highlights:

  • A minimalist template that is perfect for loading times.
  • High-ranking website.
  • Describe products that you want to sell easily.
  • Easy to customize design.

Minimalism is a great option for those who want to build a website online through Squarespace. The template is fast-loading and perfect for numerous niches including those who want to sell products online or just promote services. The template is really easy to customize, with lots of options for you to make the design just as you would like it. And you don’t need to have any technical skills.

The template has been used for selling both physical and digital products. The grid-based content-building template is perfectly edited. You can add lots of different media to these pages like video, images, audio, and more. All media can be used to improve the conversion rate for your website.

This template can be used to increase sales. And with the faster loading times, you can expect to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Sofia Pazari

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Sofia Pazari Template

Sofia Pazari Highlights:

  • This is a very clean website design.
  • Great for mobile visitors.
  • Perfect menu option in the top right corner.
  • Easy to customize.

Sofia Pazari is a great template that is perfect for numerous brands and has that great look that makes it one of the most modern templates on Squarespace. The minimalist design is perfect for loading times and ranking on Google and other search engines.

The design of this template is perfect for introducing your audience to the brand. The template has two images that sit side-by-side and can showcase your main services. You can also use the projects page to showcase the latest work you’ve completed.

The simple menu is located in the top right corner. The audience can then be directed to any page on your website. This template can have numerous pages added to it, like about, services, contact and more.

The clean design is perfect for lots of different brands. It is also easy to customize which requires no editing skills.

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Skye Template

Skye Highlights:

  • This is a modern Squarespace template.
  • Perfect for blogging.
  • Visually impressive design.
  • Quick and easy to edit your website.

Skye is one of the best, modern Squarespace templates used by numerous bloggers, small eCommerce stores, and small service providers. It is perfect for those within any niche. This is the perfect marketing option for many different brands that have lots of different avenues and want to create an affordable and visually impressive template. It can help convert visitors to customers with ease.

There are lots of great features with this template. For instance, you can use large images that can provide lots of details for your customers about your products. The design is really easy to customize with a grid-based content block system that allows for simple customizations. And this also helps you to have higher levels of responsiveness and loading times on your website.

The blog designs are really easy to use and you can share information about your brand and use how-to guides to build awareness of your services. Those brands that blog more than 15 times per month will get 70% more leads and convert more visitors to customers.

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Galapagos Template

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A top-performing template for eCommerce.
  • A modern design that is quick and easy to edit.
  • Add products with ease to sell.
  • Fast and responsive website template.

Galapagos is a top-performing, modern eCommerce website design that allows you to build a great website. It has a more modern, sleek, and sophisticated look than most other templates that you will get on Squarespace. This design allows you to build a better website that can help you build trust factors with your website’s audience. With better relationships, you can increase your conversions and therefore have more sales on your website.

Despite this being a minimal design, it doesn’t lack features. Some features can improve conversions through a better experience for the customer. There is a quick view option on the template. This is where a popup shows on your website when a customer clicks on a product image.

The template integrates with the Squarespace shopping cart system. You can take payments within the secure website environment. And you can also add more features to help you build more trust with your website. And there is also better navigation on the website.


Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Kent Template

Kent Highlights:

  • Kent is one of the best Squarespace templates.
  • You can add videos to your website.
  • Sell products directly from the website.
  • Rank your website high on Google.

Kent is one of the most perfect modern Squarespace templates that is attractive and clean. It can help you place a spotlight on your website’s work whether that is past projects you’ve completed for your clients or whether you’re an artist and want to sell your work. The portfolio pages are great for grabbing the attention of your audience. The template is also perfect for all kinds of media. Each portfolio can have videos, images, and more added to it.

There are lots of different pages that you can add to your website. For instance, you can add a cover, blog, event, album pages, and more. You can also sell products and services directly from your website. This can be a great way to help you earn more revenue from your website.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Hayden Template

Hayden Highlights:

  • Strikingly impressive design.
  • A sticky navigational menu that looks sleek.
  • Sell services directly from the website.
  • A great blogging website.

Hayden has been specifically designed for those brands that want to have a professional website that looks modern. It has all the features that you need to promote your brand and sell services or products to your clients. This includes a great platform for improving the rank of your website on Google and other search engines. The template comes with a blog that is perfect for building traffic and trust. A blog that publishes more than 15 blog posts per month can get 70% more leads.

In addition, there is a portfolio area where you can showcase your previous work with ease. This can also be used to showcase clients that you’ve worked with. There are other pages you can add with services, case studies, and more to your website. This template is also perfect for ticket booking systems.

The beautiful design of Hayden is perfect for numerous service businesses. There is a functional menu that is located in the top-right corner of the website. This makes navigation around your website easier for the customer. At the same time, the menu is sticky, so will stay visible no matter how far down a page a customer scrolls.

You can also link your social media accounts to the website with ease.


Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Barbosa Template

Barbosa Highlights:

  • Perfect for those within several industries.
  • Includes lots of unique pages for you.
  • Incorporate minimalist and clean designs.
  • Can customize the website with ease.

Barbosa is one of the top templates for Squarespace websites. It has been designed for numerous niches including construction, real estate, and other niches. There are lots of pages that you can create with this template including a booking page, contact, about, amenities, and more. There are spaces on all pages to add media.

The template is really easy to customize and with a little work can be branded in an awe-inspiring design that will convert visitors. You can showcase past projects in a portfolio section and there are options to add your contact information.

While there is a gray default background color, this can be customized to suit your needs. This template is also perfect for ranking on Google and loading.


Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Bailard Template

Bailard Highlights:

  • Use two call-to-actions on your website.
  • This template can be used in any niche.
  • The perfect template for fast-loading sites.
  • This is one of the most highly used templates.

Bailard is one of the most popular templates on Squarespace. There are two call-to-actions that can be added to your website’s home page. One of these can be centered on your hero image that can help you brand your website. The other call to action can be located in the top-right corner of the menu. These buttons can direct visitors to any page on your website with ease.

To aid with your site’s ranking, you have to have fast-loading website pages. This can help you bring in more traffic and convert more traffic. To help you with this, this template has lazy loading, where the image doesn’t load on the screen until it is required to show. This saves downloading time.

The template has a bold design and is completely minimalist.

Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Ready Template

Ready Highlights

  • An aesthetically pleasing design for a template.
  • Can be used within any niche that you have.
  • Minimalist design for perfect loading times.
  • Can add social media links to your website.

Ready is one of the best templates that you have for helping you improve the guests' experience as soon as they land on your website. Whether you’re a blogger, shop, or artist, this Squarespace website is going to impress visitors as soon as they land. The template uses lots of images to show off your brand in style. At the same time, you maintain a brilliant style that is fast-loading and can help with ranking.

The white background really helps to focus the attention of the audience and allows you to give a clean look to your website. This is perfect for those brands that want the audience to really concentrate on specific messages that are on the website. This can include blog posts, pages, lead magnets, and more.

The template comes with the ability to take appointments that can be great for consultants and service businesses. There is also a hidden menu on the left-hand side of the website design. This will only appear when the customer clicks on an icon. It will look great and maximize the space on your website.

The template is completely mobile-friendly.

Carson – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Modern Squarespace Templates - Cartoon of Carson Template

Carson Highlights:

  • This is one of the most unique Squarespace templates that is available.
  • You can use a background image to promote your content.
  • A hidden menu that can help customers find the pages they want.
  • Easy to customize.

Carson is the perfect portfolio Squarespace template. You’re able to showcase all your with ease and you can use a unique design that is perfect for attracting audiences with its unusual elements. Unlike with page design, this static page has a website background that will change depending on the link that the customer is indicating they’re clicking on. The page is also static.

One of the best things about this template is that the customizations are really easy to do. The background image is quick and easy. Then you can spend more time servicing customers and clients rather than editing your website.

The template can be used to promote current and past projects and work with ease. It can also help you build leads with ease. There is great navigational support through a hidden menu.

Enhancing Your Squarespace Experience

Modern Squarespace templates offer a range of benefits, from aesthetic appeal to functional superiority. However, selecting the right template is just the beginning. To truly maximize the potential of your Squarespace site, consider these additional aspects.

Customization Techniques

Customizing your Squarespace template is crucial for standing out. While templates provide a solid foundation, personalizing your site with unique colors, fonts, and layouts can significantly enhance its appeal. Remember, a well-customized site reflects your brand's personality and can greatly improve user engagement.

Conversion Optimization

The ultimate goal of any website is to convert visitors into customers or followers. To achieve this, focus on optimizing your site's user journey. This includes clear call-to-actions, streamlined navigation, and compelling content that guides visitors toward your desired action, whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting you for more information.

Performance and Speed

In today's fast-paced digital world, website speed and performance are non-negotiable. A slow-loading site can deter visitors and negatively impact your search engine rankings. Ensure your Squarespace site is optimized for speed by minimizing heavy images and leveraging Squarespace's built-in tools for performance enhancement.

For those looking to further refine their site's aesthetics and functionality, exploring various Squarespace Templates Design and Layout options can provide the necessary inspiration and practical solutions.

Leveraging Modern Squarespace Templates' Full Potential

Squarespace is more than just a platform for beautiful websites; it's a comprehensive tool that can cater to various business needs.

E-commerce Capabilities

For those looking to sell products or services, Squarespace's e-commerce capabilities are robust and user-friendly. From product listings to secure checkout processes, Squarespace provides all the necessary features to run an online store efficiently.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Content is important in the digital world, and Squarespace's blogging tools are perfect for content marketing. Regularly updating your blog with valuable content can attract more visitors, establish your authority in your niche, and improve your search engine rankings.

Integrations and Plugins

Squarespace's versatility is further enhanced by its ability to integrate with various third-party tools and plugins. Whether you need marketing automation, social media integration, or analytics, Squarespace's ecosystem supports a wide range of functionalities to streamline your online presence.

Conclusion: 10 Best Modern Squarespace Templates

Which are the best modern Squarespace templates for you to use on your website? Above are 10 of the best options that you can use. Which one will you use? 

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