10 Best Squarespace Templates for a Travel Blog

10 Best Squarespace Templates for a Travel Blog

If you’re a travel blogger, then you will want a platform where you can talk about your travels to the world. Squarespace is a great option but you will need the best Squarespace template for a travel blog.

What to Look for in the Best Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog

For those who want to blog for their travels, they need to commit to the best Squarespace template for a travel blog. There are lots of things that you need for this. One you need a template that has a blog and ideally one that is designed for lots of imagery/videos.

Then you also need to have a website that will load fast. This will help you rank on Google and other search engines, but it will also help you to improve user experiences. This can have additional benefits that include visitors will come back to read your blog again in the future.

So what is the best Squarespace template for a travel blog? Here are 10 options for you to consider.

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Squarespace Templates for a Travel Blog - Here's Our List:


Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Bedford Template

Bedford Highlights:

  • Sell merchandise on your website with ease.
  • You can add videos and images that can help you promote your creative work.
  • You can add banners to your website, it can help you sell more.
  • You’re able to improve your site’s rank on search engines.

Bedford is a versatile template that allows you to promote your brand. You can include lots of different features for your travel blog. From your blog, you can then promote affiliate links, merchandise, and more from your website with ease. The template has a sidebar navigation and a scrolling index page for a better user experience.

This template is perfect for selling online. Therefore, you can have more revenue from your website with ease.

All the pages that you create can have images and videos. You’re also able to add banners to your website that can help you promote content. Each banner can have a call to action added to each of them.


Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Kent Template

Kent Highlights:

  • One of the top Squarespace templates for media.
  • You can add videos to your website for improved engagement.
  • Can sell merchandise or have affiliate sales from your website.
  • Get your website to rank on Google and other search engines with ease.

Kent is one of the top templates for your website, especially if you’re looking for something attractive and clean. It can help you place a spotlight on your website’s content. You’re able to use lots of different pages to showcase your work with ease and you can grab the attention of your readers. The template is perfect for lots of different media, including video, pictures, and more.

There are also different pages that you’re able to create on your website. This can include a cover, blog, event, album, and other pages. You’re also able to sell merchandise from your website with ease. You can then earn revenue from your website.

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template

Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Skye Template

Skye Highlights:

  • This is a fantastic modern design that is perfect for bloggers whatever the niche.
  • It is very visually impressive and is great for showcasing images.
  • Perfect for viewing on a mobile or desktop.
  • Easy to customize with your grid-style blocks.

Skye is one of the best Squarespace blogging templates. It is used by bloggers in many different niches including travel and food bloggers. The visual aspects of this website are perfect for travel bloggers as you can show where you’ve visited in the past and this can help you improve your website’s experience.

There is a lot of great features for your website. You can use template features for a fullscreen design that can help you impress visitors. It is also easy to create a design that is perfect for your brand. This template is easy to maintain, allowing you to focus on activities such as running your blog, rather than spend time managing your website.

Sofia Pazari

Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Sofia Pazari Template

Sofia Pazari Highlights:

  • This is a very clean website that has two main images that can be linked to other pages.
  • Perfect for mobile visitors and it can rank highly on Google.
  • The menu is situated at the top right of the website design.
  • This template is easy to customize, with new text and images that can be added with ease.

Sofia Pazari is a great template for those who want to rank high on Google and other search engines. It has a minimalist design that places your travel images at the center of your website design. As soon as a visitor lands on your website, they’re given a clear white page with two images. Each image takes them to a different page on your website.

There is also a simple menu that is located at the top right of the menu. You can use this for better navigational control of your website. And any page can be included with your website.

The clean design is perfect for numerous brands. It is easy to customize and therefore, you can make the best website for you.


Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Mojave Template

Mojave Highlights:

  • Adds a striking appearance that can help you impress guests.
  • You can add videos and images to your website with ease.
  • Add share buttons to your website that make social integration easier.
  • Mojave is fast-loading and perfect for numerous niches.

Mojave is a fantastic template that can help you build a fantastic website with lots of media like videos and images. You can then sell your brand with ease and all the travels that have been on. There are also the options to have call-to-actions on your website that can move customers throughout the journey on your website.

Those who have technical skills can add share buttons to different pages on the website. You can include share buttons on blog posts, events, and more. This can help your audience to support you further.

Mojave has a striking appearance. Therefore, it can impress guests and it is perfect for any niche. The white background can be changed with ease. This can help you brand your website better.


Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Rally Template

Rally Highlights:

  • Rally is optimized for speed for your site which will load quickly.
  • You can list lots of posts about your travels with ease.
  • There is a smooth scrolling effect on your website that is great for the experience of the customer.
  • This template can be used within lots of niches.

Rally is a streamlined template that allows you to showcase your travels with ease using text and imagery. This can create a specialized and alluring design. There is a simplified design that has a great menu that is located in the top right corner of the screen. There is also space for your social media links that can be connected to your profiles.

The template is perfect for blogging. Each blog can have lots of images added to showcase where you’ve been. The high-quality images can add to the perfect experience of your website. The smooth scrolling is perfect for more experience enhancements on your website. This template is also optimized for mobile devices and can be viewed on any device.


Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Native Template

Native Highlights:

  • This is a great blogging template that is perfect for showcasing where you’ve traveled.
  • Use images on your blog posts to paint a picture of the places you’ve been to.
  • Optimize your website for speed, to help with ranking.
  • Integrate your website with social media accounts.

Native is a great option when you want to have a blogging template with social media integration. Social media is perfect for travel bloggers to build a strong brand and get more engagement with their audience. The template is used by numerous brands to showcase great images. The main page of the website design has a scrolling design that is clean and modern.

You’re able to showcase all your work with ease through galleries. These can include rounded thumbnails. These can look impressive on your website.

The template includes a location for every blog entry. Therefore, you can not just tell people where you’ve been, but also show them on a map. This can be a great option for making more revenue from your website.


Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of Wells Template

Wells Highlights:

  • This has a great design for showcasing travel images wherever you visit.
  • You can sell lots of products and services on your website.
  • You’re able to upload videos to your website with simple URL-embedded features.
  • You can use images for free from Unsplash.

Wells has been designed for those who want to utilize a lot of images on their website. It is a perfect blogging platform for travelers and it is easy to work with, with lots of features that help you maintain your website in less time and spend more time creating content. The template can also handle videos, images, and more.

The template has eCommerce capabilities that allow you to sell lots on your website.

To help you publish stores and create a more engaging environment you can use videos. This can be done via an embedded URL. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video into your website’s design. Squarespace will do the rest for you to help you promote your brand using video. The same process can be used with images.

Some options allow you to connect your website to different social media profiles. This can help you engage audiences across the internet.

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of  Avenue Template

Avenue Highlights:

  • This is the most perfect minimalist template that is perfect for blogging.
  • You’re able to describe travel destinations in great detail on your website.
  • This is a fast website that will load quickly on your device.
  • This is an easy-to-maintain website design that is perfect for those who aren’t technically minded.

Avenue is the perfect option for minimalist designs that allow for faster loading times. It is perfect for showcasing the best of your blog posts and it can help you sell merchandise and more.

The template can be used to bring lots of attention to your past travel plans. Images can be used at a high quality that can showcase the locations you’ve been to. This can allow your website to showcase the best of your life.

The template’s basic design is perfect for maintaining your website. Therefore, you can spend more time building your website’s content. The template is also perfect for ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

Carson – Portfolio Squarespace Template

Squarespace Template for a Travel Blog -  Cartoon of CarsonTemplate

Carson Highlights:

  • Carson is one of the most unique Squarespace templates available.
  • You can change the background image depending on what the customer hovers over.
  • There is a hidden menu that can help customers navigate your website.
  • You don’t need to have expert developer skills to build your website.

Carson is the perfect Squarespace template for those who want to show lots of images of where they’ve been. It has a unique design that is particularly useful when you want to promote your content about travel. Unlike a static website or one that scrolls, this one uses multiple images that will display one image depending on where the mouse pointer is hovering over your website.

The customer will notice the background change and this will create an engaging environment.

The website can be used to promote your current and past travel places. This can help you build content on your website and get more links to your website. This can help with ranking and improve your website’s revenue potential.

There is also the option to add a contact page, about us, and services page. These can be displayed and loaded quickly.

Enhancing Your Travel Blog's Appeal

Visually Engaging Layouts

For travel bloggers, captivating your audience begins with a visually engaging layout. Consider layouts that prioritize imagery and storytelling, making your travel experiences come alive for your readers. Utilizing large, high-quality images can transport readers to the destinations you describe, increasing engagement and time spent on your site.

Integrating Social Media

Social media integration is crucial for travel bloggers. It allows you to seamlessly connect your blog with platforms like Instagram, showcasing your travel adventures and building a community around your content. This feature also facilitates easy sharing of your content, increasing its reach and visibility.

User-Friendly Navigation

User-friendly navigation is key to keeping your audience engaged. A layout that allows easy access to different sections of your blog, such as destinations, travel tips, and personal stories, enhances the user experience. Clear and intuitive navigation ensures that readers can find exactly what they're looking for without frustration.

Maximizing Travel Blog Functionality

Efficient Content Management

For managing your blog content efficiently, consider features that allow easy organization and categorization of your posts. This helps both in keeping your content structured and in improving SEO. Well-organized content not only aids in better search engine rankings but also enhances user engagement by providing a cohesive and easily navigable experience.

Email List Building

Integrating email sign-up forms is essential for building a community around your travel blog. It enables direct communication with your audience and fosters a more personal connection. This tool is vital for growing a loyal following and keeping your readers updated on your latest adventures and content.

Optimizing for Mobile

With the increasing use of mobile devices for content consumption, ensuring your travel blog is optimized for mobile viewing is essential. A responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all devices. This optimization is crucial as it caters to a large segment of your audience who will likely access your blog via smartphones and tablets.

Conclusion: 10 Best Squarespace Templates for a Travel Blog

When it comes to the best Squarespace template for a travel blog you have a lot of options. All the above can help you make the most of your website and help you build revenues. Which template will you choose?

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