Which of these 10 is the Best Squarespace Template for Mobile?

Which of these 10 is the Best Squarespace Template for Mobile?

Mobile is such an important part of our lives these days that websites have to be mobile-ready. So which is the best Squarespace template for mobile? In this article, we look at the top 10 options.

What Makes the Best Squarespace Template for Mobile?

There are several things that you’re looking for when you want the best Squarespace template for mobile. The first is that you want to have the best code and fast loading times. This will make the experience really good for your audience.

Mobile websites should be on lots of different niches. For instance, more and more shoppers are now using their mobiles for shopping online. In addition, people are reading the news and other elements on their mobile devices. So you should really make sure that you have a good mobile-ready website.

So what is the best Squarespace template for mobile? Here are ten options.

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • One of the top templates for eCommerce on Squarespace.
  • Add a quick look feature for your products.
  • Build trust with audiences with Squarespace Payments.
  • Fast and responsive design.

Galapagos is one of the most modern eCommerce website designs that allows you to build a great website. It has a modern, sleek and sophisticated design that can help you build trust with your audience and build a better relationship with your audience. One of the best elements of the website is that it is a minimalist design, that allows it to load quickly across devices and rank highly on Google.

Despite it being a minimal design, it doesn’t lack features. Some of the features include quick view on the template. This is where customers can see more details of the product before adding it to their basket by using a popup on your website. This can improve your shopping experience with ease. It can also improve cart orders.

The template allows you to integrate Squarespace shopping cart system. You can take payments within the secure website environment. This allows you to add more trust to your website.

There are also ways that you can build navigation to your website.


Almar Highlights:

  • One of the fastest loading times to help with conversions.
  • Good for ranking across social media.
  • Great for sites with large or small catalogs.
  • Can be viewed on mobiles and desktops.

Almar is one of the cleanest and easiest templates that you can use on your website. It has the perfect ready-made design that can offer you a website that you can sell products, services, affiliate products and more from. In addition, the eCommerce features allow you to earn some revenue from your website with ease. You can have a large or small catalog. This template is perfect for anyone new to website ownership.

This template has lots of call-to-actions that allow you to have a website that moves users to the next part of the purchasing journey. This can be very important and you can link your pages to many different pieces of content across your website.

Almar is an effective template for speed and ranking. You can build a website that can be viewed on any device with ease. And it can rank on all the major search engines, helping you to bring in more traffic.



Bailard Highlights:

  • Two call-to-actions that help direct audiences to important pages.
  • Can be used by numerous brands across your website.
  • Perfect for loading on all devices.
  • Fast website speed for better user experiences.

Bailard is a very popular Squarespace website template. There are two call-to-action buttons on the homepage. One is centered on the high-quality image that is displayed on the front page. Then the other is in the top right corner of the menu. These buttons can be linked to numerous pages on your website.

To help with ranking on your website, you’re able to utilize lazy loading on your website images. This can be very important for those sites that have a lot of image content on the website. Basically, this feature reduces the loading of the page by only loading the images is and when the user scrolls down to view that image.

The template is also bold with its design. This is despite being a minimalist website design. This can help with ranking and more.



Tremont Highlights:

  • This is a fast website that can help you rank on Google.
  • Integrate with ChowNow if you’re a food business.
  • Can have multiple call-to-actions on your website.
  • A responsive template for mobile viewing.

Tremont is a template that is very popular with food businesses on Squarespace. It is one of the most perfect templates that can be used by numerous other niches as well too. There are lots of large images on the template’s design that can provide a professional and exciting look to your website. The image is perfect for the static homepage and you can add lots more featured images to give a real impression of your business.

The template can be used to showcase more of your brand with ease. It is perfect for numerous business ideas and it can be integrated with numerous apps like Squarespace Scheduling, ChowNow and more.

The template is perfect for mobile viewing, allowing your customers to shop while on the move. And the site’s responsiveness and speed are great for helping you to rank on all search engines as well as convert more.

Bryant Hill

Bryant Hill

Bryant Hill Highlights:

  • Great for a professional business website.
  • Good navigational links for your website.
  • Integrate your website with email marketing and more.
  • Great for ranking on search engines.

Bryant Hill is a top option for a professional business website. There is a default scrolling option that helps you improve your website’s look and use. In addition, you can improve the navigation on your website with a great menu. Good navigation on the website is important for ranking on Google.

The bold and clean look is impressive and can be used for showcasing numerous services, products, designs, previous work, projects and more. The template also has great functionality with a sidebar that is perfect for displaying all your content. And the template is perfect for building a strong platform whatever niche you’re in.

You can also take advantage of email marketing and social media with integration tools for both. There are lots of Squarespace addons that you can use and be added to this template. Therefore, this template is very versatile.

For those that want to showcase all their great images, this template is a great choice. There is a grid-style gallery that is perfect. This can showcase your photographs, products, properties and more.


Suffolk Highlights:

  • This is one of the top Squarespace templates that is available.
  • Appoint setting functionality for your website.
  • A sticky menu that allows for better navigation.
  • Fully customize your template with ease.

Suffolk is one of the best Squarspace templates when you want to offer services to your audience. There is a clean, traditional design that allows customers to recognize and trust your brand quickly. It is the perfect design for lots of different niches, which include hotels, rentals, salons, restaurants, and more. The homepage is really aesthetically pleasing and has a boxed style that allows you to showcase a hero image and two call-to-action buttons.

To help with navigation, the template has a sticky menu that has smooth animations. The sticky menu will stay at the top of the page. This helps audiences move around your website, and it can also prevent them from leaving your website. Therefore, there is a better chance that they will convert.

You can easily customize your website. You can change the look with ease and allow the final design to fit more closely with your brand. This can be important because it helps you to build trust with your audience and help you sell more products.



Elliott Highlights:

  • A fast loading website template.
  • Rank high on Google and other search engines.
  • Views perfectly on a mobile device.
  • Usual visual aspects to help you build appeal for your content.

Elliot is one of the top-performing Squarespace templates that can help you build more of a following on your website. It takes just minutes for you to build a website on this template. And you can build one that has all the features that you need for a mobile-friendly website. The template can also help your website rank on Google and other search engines.

The main focus on the homepage is the slideshow gallery. These are horizontal images of the best quality. Customers can view more content by using the call to action buttons that are included on the slideshow.

There are numerous pages that you can use on your website. This includes the ‘about us’ page and more. Elliot is the perfect choice for those that want a fast loading website with good mobile readiness. It can also rank high as well.



Moksha Highlights:

  • An easy to use template perfect for any niche.
  • Parallax loading for excellent experiences.
  • Hero image and messages on homepage.
  • Views perfectly on mobile devices.

This parallax-style website template is perfect for those who want a website for a service-based business. Though this could, technically, be used for any business niche as long as the right designer is behind the keyboard. There is a full-width hero image that can allow you to set the tone and build a better brand for your website. And then there is a split menu that can be centered on your logo. This creates a lot of white space, that allows you to focus the attention of your audience on what you would like them to see next.

The parallax loading is perfect for mobile users. It also helps with speed and website ranking. Therefore, this template can help you build lots of great traffic. To help with ranking, there is also image compression.



Alameda Highlights:

  • Lots of options to improve your website speed.
  • Add a ‘quick view’ option to products.
  • Easy to view on mobile devices.
  • Lazy loading features for your website.

Alamdea is one of the top templates for your website. It can be used for numerous niches, but it has been used for a lot of eCommerce websites with ease. Therefore, you can sell your products and services with ease. The template can be used to sell multiple products with ease but you can also feature top products to get customers to buy your most profitable option. The featured product can be on the homepage.

In addition, there are ways to market your website with ease. The template includes a blogging option that can increase traffic. The template also comes with features to help you rank high on Google. Considering that between 70 and 80% of your traffic should come through your website’s search engine performance, this is an important element.

There is a lot of options to help you sell more. For instance, there is a ‘quick view’ option that allows customers to see more details about a product without leaving your shop page.



Farro Highlights:

  • This is a very popular template.
  • You can turn your website into a store with ease.
  • Improved viewing on mobile devices.
  • Easy to customize.

This template is one of the top options for those that want a blogging, eCommerce or services website. This template has lots of potential for high visual content. There is a beautiful magazine-style design that is perfect for showcasing news and more. The clean and minimalist layout is perfect for attracting the attention of users to your website.

The design is perfect for viewing on mobile devices. It is also good for your website to rank on Google and other search engines. Therefore, you can have a better flow of traffic to your website. You can also use this template to generate lots of revenue through different avenues including sponsored content, merchandise, affiliate links and more.

The template can also be used for eCommerce platform.

Final Word: Which of these 10 is the Best Squarespace Template for Mobile?

Are you looking for the best Squarespace template for mobile? Above are some of the top options when it comes to your choice. Which one will you use? Let us know in the comments below.