Blog on Squarespace: Is it Worth It?

Blog on Squarespace: Is it Worth It?

Blogging is one of the most fundamental activities any marketer or business should be doing. There are lots of benefits to blogging that are far-reaching and can have a significant benefit to the brand and the business. But is Squarespace the right platform? In this article, let's ask: is it worth having a blog on Squarespace?

What is Blogging?

One of the first things that we must clarify is what is blogging. So many people think that blogging is the act of writing information down and then just publishing it online. However, this often means that many brands are looking at blogging items like news and sales.

In truth, blogging has evolved. Blogging should now fall into a few select categories:

  • To reveal news about the industry such as new technology, trends, or events.
  • To pass on knowledge to help readers solve a pain point.
  • To detail information about the activities of the brand/person.

Rarely is a blog used to promote a product/service. While these are done, they are often received very poorly by audiences.

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Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has long been known to have several key benefits that can help brands improve their brand output. Research has found that some of the benefits of blogging include.

Building Traffic – Blogging allows you to target more keywords, rank higher in Google, and improve brand recall. Therefore, those who publish blogs regularly can gain more traffic, which generally leads to more sales.

Improve Lead Generation – Research has shown that when you blog more than 15 times a month, you can get 70% more leads. Nearly doubling your leads can lead to roughly the same amount of extra sales, helping a brand to improve cash flow.

Rank Higher – Through numerous activities, blogging helps the whole website rank higher. There are aspects such as natural growth (Google loves blogging), backlinks, higher domain authority, and more that can help you rank higher.

Build an Engaged Audience – A lot of blogs are followed regularly by a core group. Therefore, by regularly publishing you can get a lot of people who regularly engage with your brand. Good blogs can get comments and shares from the content too.

Is it Worth Having a Blog on Squarespace?

Squarespace is not widely known as a blogging platform. More often than not it is recognized as being a portfolio website. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for blogging. There are certain elements and even templates that are perfect for those who want to run a blog.

For example, some templates have been designed specifically for those who are travel or food bloggers. If you're looking to elevate your blogging experience on this platform, exploring the best Squarespace Templates for Blogging can provide you with beautifully designed options that enhance your content's presentation and reader engagement.

All it takes is the right content and the know-how on how to develop a blog on Squarespace. One of the features that would be apparent is that Squarespace is not a platform that is good for long pieces of text. You will need to add lots of visual elements to a blog post. However, that isn’t a bad thing, lots of visuals in a blog post do improve the response.

Enhancing Your Squarespace Blog: Advanced Strategies

Efficient Scheduling

Utilize Squarespace's scheduling feature to maintain a consistent posting rhythm, enhancing reader engagement and SEO. This tool allows you to plan and automate the release of your content, ensuring regular updates without the need for manual intervention. Scheduled posts can align with peak audience activity times, increasing visibility and interaction.

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Multi-Author Collaboration

Leverage the platform's multi-author capabilities for diverse content and perspectives. By inviting multiple authors, you can enrich your blog with varied insights and expertise, catering to a broader audience. This diversity not only enhances content quality but also broadens your blog's appeal to different reader segments.

Effective Comment Moderation

Implement comment moderation to foster a positive community and reader interaction. This practice helps maintain a respectful and constructive environment, encouraging more readers to participate and engage with your content. Effective moderation also helps in filtering out spam and inappropriate comments, maintaining the blog's credibility.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Built-in SEO Tools

Maximize Squarespace's integrated SEO functionalities to boost your blog's visibility on search engines. These tools simplify the process of optimizing your content for search engines, helping your blog rank higher and attract more traffic. Regular use of these tools can significantly improve your blog's search engine performance over time.

Schema Markup Utilization

Ensure your templates are optimized with schema markup for better search engine comprehension. Schema markup enhances the way search engines interpret and display your content in search results, potentially improving click-through rates. It's a powerful way to make your blog stand out in search results with rich snippets.

Mobile Optimization

Focus on mobile-friendly designs, as a significant portion of web traffic is mobile-based. Ensuring your blog is optimized for mobile devices enhances user experience and accessibility, which is crucial for retaining readers and improving search rankings. Mobile optimization is also a key factor in SEO, as search engines favor mobile-friendly websites.

Conclusion: Blog on Squarespace: Is it Worth It?

Although not widely known to be a blogging platform, certainly not like WordPress, Squarespace is a good platform to start a blog. And it can also help to improve a website’s visibility online and engagement with core audience groups.

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