How to Create a Portfolio Page on Squarespace

How to Create a Portfolio Page on Squarespace

Do you want to learn how to create a portfolio page on Squarespace? Here are the reasons why you might want to create one and how to create an important page for your business.

Why Create a Portfolio Page on Squarespace?

There are numerous reasons why a portfolio page is important. For one, those that work within a visual industry like photography, graphic design, artists, and others can improve the trust factors by showcasing their previous work.

They can also be used as a sales platform showcasing what is currently being worked on, or act just as well as reviews, by demonstrating your current skills and output.

Another reason is that portfolio pages are great ways to get audiences to engage with your content. You can make the portfolio completely engaging, allowing audiences to click on the images and see more about the image or get them to share it on their social media feeds.

The more people that share your images, the more exposure that you will get and this can lead to more work.

There are also other reasons why a portfolio might be important for your business. Some people find it very morale-boosting and when business is slow, sometimes it can help to look at past work online to see what you’ve achieved. Therefore, you can improve your mental health and increase your long-term success.

How to Create a Portfolio Page on Squarespace

To start the process, you need to navigate to your main menu. Then you need to find the ‘Pages’ option on the menu. Select this.

Within the ‘Pages’ section, click on the ‘+’ option. Then you can choose whether to add this to your main navigation menu or leave it unlinked. If you choose the latter option, it will not be shown on the front page as a link, but you can link it from other locations.

Then you need to choose a portfolio. You will then be prompted to choose a design for your portfolio page. This option can be changed later.

Once you’ve done this, choose the ‘cog’ icon which will take you to the settings option, and then you can change the page title, and change navigation title, and URL. In the SEO tab, add a description for the page.

Once done, you can click on save. Then you can add images or videos to build your portfolio.

Final Word: How to Create a Portfolio Page on Squarespace

When it comes to building a website, Squarespace has lots of great features, especially for artists, graphic designers, and photographers. With their excellent templates, there are also portfolio pages that are perfect for showcasing your work. Above are the reasons why and how to create a portfolio page on Squarespace. Good luck.