Is Squarespace Blog Free?

Is Squarespace Blog Free?

When it comes to features on Squarespace, the platform has a lot of options. There are Squarespace scheduling, payments, and even eCommerce features that make it a versatile platform for numerous individuals to use. However, everyone needs these features. For example, those looking for a CV website don’t need eCommerce features. But one feature that every person with a website should have is a blog. So is Squarespace blog free to use? Or is this a feature that you have to pay for?

Is Squarespace Blog Free?

In a simple answer, yes. Squarespace offers a free blog function that allows you to create content and publish it for audiences to read. There are a few limitations, such as:

  • You can only have one blog per website.
  • You’re not able to import existing content from one platform to another.
  • You cannot schedule posts without paying for the feature.
  • Blog comments are disabled unless you have a paid feature on your website.

All you need to do is enable the Squarespace blog and you can get going.

Is Squarespace Good For Blogging

Many people think that blogging is not good on particular platforms. However, this is not entirely accurate. A blog’s success can be very dependent not on the platform, but on the writer. If you have a good set of articles, then you will have everything you need for success.

It is important to remember that 98% of all content on the internet never gets any organic traffic. And this can be a significant upsetting fact. The truth is that so much content could get more traffic if they operated a better writing infrastructure.

Some tips for better blog writing include the following tips:

  • Use a blog writing professional. These can be expensive, but in the long term, they can pay for themselves.
  • Check grammar. A good blog post with spelling mistakes is never going to attract the high-quality candidates that you would like to have.
  • Be sure that you know the best keywords for the content you want to publish. Keywords should be dotted throughout the article. Long-tailed keywords are really important.
  • Add images with the right meta tags. Ensure all images have been optimized for speed. Slowing down your website with images is going to harm your ranking and load times, getting bounces on your website.
  • Guest posts to build inbound links. You should create at least one to two guest posts per month.
  • Use social media. Social media and YouTube can be great ways to build a following that will read your blog content as well as engage with you on other platforms.
  • Be consistent. If you’re going to publish content on your blog on a Tuesday and Wednesday, stick to that. Audiences will rely on it.
  • Improve website speed. The slower your website is, the more time it will take to load, and the more customers you will lose.

Final Word: Is Squarespace Blog Free?

Is Squarespace Blog Free? Yes. But there are restrictions and you must ensure that you have the right plan to make your Squarespace website work. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and efforts. But it is important to blog too.