The 10 Best Squarespace Premium Templates

The 10 Best Squarespace Premium Templates

Squarespace is a popular platform for showcasing portfolios, perhaps for photography or artwork, and is not well known for being a platform to sell products from. However, it does have templates that can help you sell products easily. In this article, we go through the top ten premium templates for an eCommerce store on Squarespace.

What are you Looking for in Squarespace Templates for eCommerce?

When looking for a great Squarespace template for an eCommerce website you will need to be able to sell products on your website with ease. Not all templates offer this option. A key feature is to be able to list products on your website and then to be able to take payments for them through your website.

Your eCommerce template should be optimized for search engines, this will help with search engine ranking to get your products found, particularly on Google. It’s also important that your website and product pages are optimized as this also helps with website speed. This is often embedded in the coding and so this is already done for you on a good eCommerce template. A fast website will help with conversions.

It’s also a good idea to add videos of your products as this can help with increasing conversions as can slideshows and images. This just gives a better feel for the product that the person is looking at purchasing. Other ways to increase purchases are to add call-to-actions and offers such as upsells.

So which are the best Squarespace templates for eCommerce? Here is a list of ten of the best options for your website.



Momentus is a great template for eCommerce stores. You can add products and include images and videos which are important for increasing conversions. There are also automatic transitions of images. It also enables you to have a slideshow with full-screen imagery. This is a striking design that is customizable.

The more information you add to your eCommerce website the better and this is where blogging can help. Momentum includes a blogging feature where you can showcase your products and demonstrate how they can build a lifestyle, for example, if you plan to sell homewares or if you plan to sell prints of your artwork you can blog about the inspiration behind your work and the journey to create it. Blogging can help grow your brand. If you publish more than 15 blogs per month you will increase your reach.

Momentum Highlights:

  • Easily add products to your eCommerce website.
  • Full-screen slideshow to showcase products in detail.
  • You can add videos to increase trust with potential customers.
  • A great blogging template to grow awareness of your brand.


Kent is a very popular template for Squarespace websites and it works well as an eCommerce store. You can easily upload your products and add images and videos to increase conversions. Videos are hosted on YouTube, so your website speed is not affected by them.

It has a great, attractive design. It’s also a good template to help you rank well on Google and other search engines. There are attention-grabbing headlines that can be applied to products and attract your audience. There are a variety of different page template options, so you can have a blog, products page, events, etc.

This is an ideal template for an eCommerce website and you can take payments with ease through the website which is an essential aspect.

Kent Highlights:

  • A popular template with an attractive design.
  • A good template for ranking on Google and other search engines.
  • Videos are hosted on YouTube so your website speed is not affected,
  • Take eCommerce payments with ease for products in your store.


This is a popular eCommerce Squarespace template that works well for selling a variety of products. It is a very versatile template whatever niche your shop is in and has a professional-looking appearance. To start with there is a scrolling homepage to showcase the lifestyle your products promote or even highlight your best sellers or offers, whichever strategy works for you. You can also place featured products to highlight best sellers.

There is an option for blogging which is great for attracting customers and gaining a following. You will need to provide information or advice that’s valuable for your customers so they keep reading your blog and remember your store when they next choose to purchase items you sell.
A key component of a good eCommerce template is the ease for customers to navigate your online store and find the products they're looking for. This template offers an easy-to-use navigation menu. You can also use full-page banners and you can add videos to attract customers.

Bedford Highlights:

  • Highly recommended the Squarespace template for numerous niches.
  • A template that’s good for blogging.
  • A scrolling homepage to showcase key products or promote a lifestyle.
  • Customize call-to-actions to suit your brand.


This is a template that suits a modern and light-hearted niche. Perhaps parallel for younger people or fun accessories. This is a great template for selling products from a Squarespace website. There are lots of features included to help you attract customers to your products. This template is easy to use and it is quite straightforward to add products to your eCommerce website.

You can choose from a range of styles and customize this template as well, including colors, images, and text. Content can be highlighted and bold to make it easier to read. There are ‘show now’ buttons that are on the homepage to sell specific products or promote offers.

There are a variety of page options including a blog and also an about us page. The about us page is great for telling people about your store and brand and sharing the story behind the brand. This can help increase trust with potential customers, as can a blog. A blog can also help increase traffic through better SEO, and search engine optimization.

Another great way to keep customers in contact with your store is to get them to sign up for a mailing list.

Hester Highlights:

  • A range of modern and fun styles are available.
  • An option for ‘Show Now’ buttons on the homepage to help sell products.
  • Offer a signup form for your mailing list to bring customers back to your store.
  • A variety of page options such as a blog and an about us page.


This is a great Squarespace template for an eCommerce store. You can link images to product purchase pages and these images can be high-resolution which is great for showcasing your products. You can add a variety of images including artwork, portfolios, and videos. Videos are a great way to sell. You will need to embed a URL for the video and Squarespace software will do the rest.

You don't have to sell products with this eCommerce template though because you can also sell services like manicure appointments for example. This is a great template to help you convert audiences.

Wells Highlights:

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template

Galapagos is a modern eCommerce template that is sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist. It will help you rank well on Google and other search engines because it offers fast loading times. The shopping cart is integrated and the payment system is secure to increase trust with your audience.

It has some great features, including a quick view option so potential customers don’t come away from the main page when looking at a product in greater detail. This helps increase conversions and encourages more purchases.  

There are also easy-to-use menu options to help customers navigate across your shop.

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template Highlights:


This eCommerce template, Alamedea is a great option for stores with a small catalog of only a few products. It is up-to-date and has great features. There is a quick view option to enable customers to find out more about a product without navigating away from their browsing page. You can also showcase key products like bestsellers on your website.

Lazy loading will help improve your SEO by loading photos as they are viewed rather than loading the whole website’s worth of images at once. This will help with ranking on Google and other search engines. It can also increase your conversion rate.

Alameda Highlights:



A great online eCommerce template for a range of niches. This template is ideal for taking bookings and appointments. You can display a hero image on your homepage which is clean with a box style. You can add two call-to-action buttons to this image. There’s a sticky menu as well.

This is a great template for ranking well on Google and other search engines because it will give you a fast website.

Suffolk Highlights:


Almar is a great eCommerce template that is quick and easy to use for both large and small catalogs. You can use the call-to-action buttons to increase sales and encourage people to sell your products, book appointments and offer special deals. This template is a fast-loading one so can improve conversions, increasing your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Almar Highlights:


This is a great template with lots of features to help you sell products on your website. You can also sell tickets and events with this template. There is a blog option to help with SEO and you can add links to help with this too.

Myhra Highlights:

Final Word: The 10 Best Squarespace Premium Template

There are lots of options for the best Squarespace premium templates for eCommerce. Here are ten of the best, which template will you choose for your eCOmmerce Squarespace store? Let us know in the comments below.


All Squarespace templates are premium on the platform. They are included in the hosting plans for the platform.

Technically no. To change a template you have to restart your website. However, you can keep a website active to copy content, so you don't start from scratch.

You can only use one template on a Squarespace website. If you want to change, you will need to restart your website.

You can have as many Squarespace websites as you like. They will be billed differently but they will do well.

Yes, there are templates that can link your social media to, whether that is your Facebook, Instagram or another platform.