Do Web Designers Use Squarespace?

Do Web Designers Use Squarespace?

Web designers use all kinds of website platforms to build client websites. Depending on the developer and designer, they can build websites on a particular platform or they can use a variety of platforms and use the platform that is most applicable for their client.

What Things Will Web Designers Consider When Choosing the Platform?

One of the main considerations that a web designer will use when selecting the platform for a client is the number of functions that a client wants. Clients who want less flashy websites with limited functions are more likely to be offered a simpler platform. For instance, many developers will use Shopify or WooCommerce for e-commerce platforms and WordPress for blogging with others going to Squarespace.

That doesn’t mean that eCommerce and blogging aren’t suitable for Squarespace. Some numerous features and templates make Squarespace a fantastic option for these types of websites, but some designers have their preferences based on their experiences.

The designers also might consider what involvement they will have in the future. Some website designers prefer to leave maintenance to the client. Therefore, they will offer platforms that are easier for the client to use, like Squarespace. While others prefer to remain in control of the websites they develop. Therefore, they prefer to use custom CMS solutions.

Therefore, there is a lot of consideration as to whether a designer will offer a Squarespace website to you if you want to know about their services.

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Ask Your Designer

Many designers limit the choice of the platform that they’re willing to build a website on. These designers will want to push for their platforms. Some designers won’t even tell you what platform they’re using to build your website.

Therefore, you need to ask your designer, before you employ them, what platform they are going to use. If they’re suggesting another platform and you want to use Squarespace, either reject their services or ask them to build it on Squarespace. Always see if they’ve got examples of their work on Squarespace too. This can be a good way to see if they’ve got the skills to build your website.

What Prevents Designers from Using Squarespace?

There is nothing that prevents designers from using Squarespace as a platform to build a website for a client. Often it is the client itself that wants to have the website built on another platform. There are lots of designers who will use Squarespace if you ask.

However, some designers don’t have the experience to use Squarespace. Therefore, you need to move to a designer who will, if you want a Squarespace website.

Squarespace designers aren’t more expensive than others either. In some cases, the costs can be much lower because the work is easier than building a custom website on a custom CMS system, for instance.

Advantages of Squarespace for Web Designers

User-Friendly Interface

Squarespace's intuitive interface is a major draw for web designers. Its drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the design process, especially for those new to web design. This ease of use allows designers to focus more on creative aspects rather than technical challenges.

Diverse Feature Set

The platform offers a broad range of features, making it a versatile choice for various projects. From e-commerce capabilities to social media integrations, Squarespace equips designers with the tools needed to create comprehensive, functional websites.

Template Versatility

Squarespace's array of templates provides a solid foundation for web projects. These templates are not only aesthetically pleasing but also customizable, allowing designers to tailor them to specific client needs while maintaining design integrity.

Squarespace for Professional Web Design

Customization Options

While Squarespace is known for its user-friendly design, it also offers extensive customization options. Designers can use CSS and JavaScript to go beyond standard templates, creating unique, client-specific websites.

Squarespace Circle Benefits

Joining the Squarespace Circle offers designers extended trial periods, optimized customer support, and exclusive content. This community is designed to support creative professionals in delivering high-quality Squarespace websites to their clients.

Efficient Design Process

Squarespace streamlines the web design process. With pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop interface, designers can efficiently build and customize websites. This efficiency is beneficial for both designers and clients, ensuring timely project completion.

Conclusion: Do Web Designers Use Squarespace?

Yes, website designers can use Squarespace without any problems and many offer this service. Be sure to ask your developers for their experience on the platform and showcase their recent examples of the work they’ve done on Squarespace to ensure that you have a designer who can offer you a good service.

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