How to Cancel Squarespace Free Trial

How to Cancel Squarespace Free Trial

Trying out Squarespace's free trial but not entirely convinced? Canceling your free trial is a straightforward process that won't take much of your time. Whether you've decided to explore other website builders or you're just not ready to commit to a paid plan yet, canceling the trial is completely understandable. It's always better to make an informed decision rather than rushing into something you're unsure about.

So, let's get started! Follow along as we walk you through the cancellation process step-by-step. By the end of this post, you'll know exactly how to cancel your Squarespace free trial with ease.

Why Cancel Your Squarespace Free Trial?

Not Ready to Commit

You might be exploring different website-building options and haven't decided if Squarespace is the right fit for your needs.

Budget Constraints

Perhaps you're on a tight budget and can't afford the cost of a Squarespace subscription at the moment. It's important to find a solution that aligns with your financial situation.

Unsatisfactory Features

After exploring the platform during your trial, you may have found that Squarespace lacks certain features or customization options that are essential for your website.

Changed Plans

Your initial website plans might have changed, leading you to reconsider whether Squarespace is the best choice for your current needs.

Seeking Alternatives

You might have discovered other website builders that better suit your requirements in terms of pricing, features, or ease of use.

Temporary Project

If your website needs are temporary or short-term, it may not be necessary to continue with a Squarespace subscription.

Whatever the reason, canceling your Squarespace free trial is a straightforward process. It's important to weigh your options carefully and choose a website builder that aligns with your current goals and budget. Remember, you can always revisit Squarespace plans and pricing in the future if your needs change.

How to Cancel Your Squarespace Free Trial

If you’ve decided that Squarespace isn’t the right fit for you, you can easily cancel your free trial. Follow these steps:

Log in to Your Account

Visit the Squarespace website and log in to your account.

Access Billing & Account

Click on the “Billing & Account” tab.

Cancel Trial Subscription

Under the “Subscription” section, locate the “Cancel Trial” option. Confirm that you want to cancel your trial.

Immediate Downgrade

Once confirmed, your trial will end immediately. Your account will be downgraded to the Basic plan and you won’t be charged for any future billing periods.

Remember that canceling your trial means losing access to certain features, so make sure it’s the right decision for you.

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Things to consider when Canceling Squarespace Free Trial

Understanding Your Needs

Before canceling your Squarespace free trial, it's crucial to understand what you need from a website builder. Consider:

Purpose of Your Website

Is it for personal use, business, portfolio, blog, etc.? Different purposes may require different features.


Are you willing to pay for a plan after the trial? Knowing your budget will guide you towards choosing the right plan.

Features Needed

List essential features like e-commerce capabilities, SEO tools, analytics, custom domain support, etc., based on your needs.

Evaluating Plans

Squarespace offers various plans tailored to different needs:


Ideal for personal blogs or small projects.


Suitable for online stores or professional services.

Basic Commerce

Best for growing businesses needing e-commerce features.

Advanced Commerce

For large-scale e-commerce operations.

Evaluate these plans against your requirements to ensure you're not missing out on critical features that could benefit your project long-term.

Considerations Before Cancellation

Before deciding to cancel:

Review Terms & Conditions

Ensure you're aware of any penalties or restrictions.

Backup Your Work

Export your site's content and design to avoid losing progress.

Consider Alternatives

If Squarespace doesn't meet your needs, explore other builders that might offer better value or features.

Final Steps

If you've decided to proceed with cancellation:

Cancel Through Account Settings

Navigate to your account settings and find the option to cancel your subscription.

Check for Refund Policy

Understand if Squarespace offers a refund for unused time during the trial period.

Contact Support

If needed, reach out to Squarespace support for assistance or clarification on any steps.

By carefully considering your needs, evaluating available plans, and thoughtfully proceeding with cancellation, you can make informed decisions that align with your goals and budget.

Conclusion: How to Cancel Squarespace Free Trial

    Canceling your Squarespace free trial is a simple and hassle-free process. It's a sensible step to take if you're still weighing your options, facing budget constraints, or if Squarespace doesn't quite meet your expectations.

 Remember, it's always important to understand your needs, evaluate the available plans, and consider all the implications before making a decision. If you do choose to cancel, you'll retain access to the Basic plan and won't be charged for any future billing periods.

 So, whether you're a budding blogger or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can approach the Squarespace free trial with the confidence that comes from knowing you're in control.  

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