10 Best Squarespace Blog Templates

10 Best Squarespace Blog Templates

Blogging is a very effective way for some people to earn a living. Blogging can be based on any activity from being a parent to the latest political events across the world. There are numerous ways that bloggers can monetize their efforts too with affiliate marketing, sponsored content, merchandising, and more. And you might want to have one of the best Squarespace blog templates for your website.

What do you Need for One of the Best Squarespace Blog Templates?

Many elements can help you become a successful blogger. For one, you need one of the best Squarespace blog templates. There are going to be features associated with these templates that can help you win over audiences and generate revenue. For instance, you’re going to want to showcase a lot of images on your website. You can also use videos that can help you get more content to your audiences quicker.

You’re going to want to have a website that can rank high on Google and other search engines. This can happen in several ways. For one, you need to blog often, you need to create at least 15 blog posts per month if not more. This should lead to 70% more traffic and leads. It can also be good for you to find a store that is responsive and fast.

Speed is one of the most important elements when it comes to your brand’s website. For every second it takes for your website to load a page, you will lose approximately 7% of your revenue. This can have a massive impact on your revenue as most websites take between 8 and 11 days to load a page.

In addition, you need to think of ways that you can improve your website’s longevity with guests. There are several ways to do this including social media and email marketing. You can have social media buttons on your template or you could have a mailing sign-up form on your website.

With these things in mind, here are some of the best Squarespace blog templates available.

Top Squarespace Blog Templates

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template


Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A perfect blog template for those who want a modern design.
  • A very visually impressive design that is perfect for displaying images and videos on your website.
  • Is a mobile responsive template that can be viewed on any device.
  • Has grid-based content blocks that make designing your website easy.

Skye is one of the best Squarespace templates that you can use if you’re looking for a blogging website. It is perfect for those who want to use a lot of visual images and other media within your content. Therefore, it is the perfect template for those who want to be travel writers or have food aspirations. However, there are no reasons why other blog niches can’t use Skye as their template. Visitors to your website will be impressed by the minimalist design that can improve speed and ranking.

There are lots of features that can help you to build a great website. There is a fullscreen design that has grid-based content blocks. This makes designing your website easy and you can spend more time on your content than on your website’s design. Therefore, you can build better revenue.

The beautifully designed blog posts on Sky are perfect for improving the experience of your visitors. The navigation is really good on this template too. There is a slide-out left-hand side menu for those that are hidden until is needed.

Harris – Minimal Corporate Squarespace Template

Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Harris Template

Harris – Minimal Corporate Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A super-fast, minimalist website that has fast loading speeds.
  • A great, customizable header that can help set the mood for your brand.
  • A top right-hand corner menu that’s easy to navigate.
  • The template can rank easily on Google and other search engines.

Harris can help you take your website to the next level with a minimalist Squarespace template that is perfect for numerous niches. It can be used for numerous niches, including those who want to create blogs about professional services. The template was designed for corporate businesses and agencies too, so if you’re a professional service provider and would like a blog, this is one of the best options.

There is a beautiful header that is perfectly placed and designed for your brand. There are lots of customization options that allow you to create the perfect image for your brand. The template also allows you to have perfect navigation. The menu is perfectly placed in the top right corner of the website. Your clients can use the excellent navigational features to help them find their way around your website.

You can also create multiple inner page templates. You can also use these inner pages to find new ways to engage audiences on your website. Pages can include brands, services, projects, and more.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Hayden Template

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • This has a customizable Squarespace template that is perfect for numerous blog niches.
  • There is a great sticky navigation bar that stays at the top of the website page.
  • Use the easy blogging section to create and publish content on your website.
  • The sleek and professional design will impress guests.

Hayden was specifically created for design agencies. This template, however, can be used by many businesses who are looking for an effective, modern, and sleek Squarespace template that can help them rank. There are lots of different seconds that you can create on this template, such as services, clients, portfolios, and case studies. The template also includes a scheduling system if this is something that you would like to have on your website.

There’s a striking design that can improve your website’s conversion rate and a beautiful menu in the top right-hand corner for easier website navigation. The navigation bar is also sticky, therefore the bar will scroll down the page with the customer, meaning they will always be able to navigate from page to page. This can help to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

There are also social media links that can be located at the bottom of your website’s design. The template also has a great blogging section.

Impact – Education Squarespace Template

Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Impact Template

Impact – Education Squarespace Template Highlights:

  • A clean coded template that loads quickly for good user experiences.
  • Lots of calls to action to help you capture marketing details for customers.
  • Sleek design that can tell customers more about you, your brand, and what you have to offer.
  • Easy to edit so you can focus more on content creation.

Modern website designs are great for blogs because they combine two important features for great performance and perfect conversions. Impact was built for the education arena, but it fits perfectly for other niches as well and there are lots of design features that can help you build a great blog whether it’s related to education or not.

Part of the design is the well-crafted sections that can appear under the main header. The header section can contain lots of critical information that is perfect for setting expectations and building a website’s brand. The template is also perfect for loading fast with easy editing areas.

The template's navigational area is one of the best on the list. There are also great 'call to action' features that can help you capture important data and get customers to move in the direction that you would like them to. Everything can be customized as well, to meet your specific needs and branding.


Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Mojave Template

Mojave Highlights:

  • With some technical skills, you can add share buttons to your content.
  • It has a striking appearance to draw the audience to your website.
  • You can add videos and images to your website’s banners.
  • Is fast to load and this can help you rank highly on search engines.

Mojave is a great template for those who want to blog with confidence and attract audiences from across the world. There’s a great scrolling effect that can be applied to your website that will keep audiences on your website reading and consuming content on your website. There are plenty of options to improve the site’s design. This can include a 'call to action' that can help move your audience from one page to a new action on your website. There are also banner options that can be customized and added to your pages with images and videos embedded into them.

This template allows you to add share buttons to pages on the template. However, there is the need to have technical skills for you to be able to do this. However, you don’t need to have any website development skills to create a blog, event, gallery, or product page on your website. And these pages can be easily shared on social media to grow your audience.

The design of Mojave is striking. It is perfect for any niche and the white background can be changed to match your branding.


Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Forte Template

Forte Highlights:

  • Sell products and merchandise from your blog with ease.
  • Use your template to host videos to showcase your brand.
  • Customize your brand’s website with ease.
  • Quick loading can help your website’s performance and rank higher.

Forte is the perfect template for those who want to run a blogging website with lots of content. Forte is great for video content as well. It is often used by bloggers, YouTubers, news sites, and even magazines. The striking appearance and layout are very engaging and entertaining for audiences. There are also lots of different customization options that can help you to make your website look exactly how you want it to.

There are lots of features to help you make your blog stand out amongst all of the competitors. There’s a portfolio to show the world any of your videos, images, or other work that you would like to display. The template also has a beautiful, simple menu that is excellent and placed in the right corner of the screen. Therefore, visitors and search engine bots can easily navigate your website. You can also create lots of different pages on the template including blogs, albums, and more.

The gallery and blog pages are beautiful. They can display lots of videos and images in a carousel to create an alluring and space-efficient design. You’re also able to sell products/services with the template. This allows you to monetize your website.


Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Bedford Template

Bedford Highlights:

  • Add a revenue stream to your website with merchandise sold directly on your website.
  • Add videos to promote your brand on your pages or to banners.
  • Customize banners to make them more aligned with your brand.
  • You can have great loading website pages.

Bedford is one of the top Squarespace templates for bloggers and is generally considered one of the best templates. It works for all kinds of website niches including businesses, bloggers, video production companies, eCommerce, and more. There are lots of elements that can support the growth of your website. An aspect of the design templates is that you can have a sidebar navigation and a scrolling index page.

The template can be used to sell products online. This can give you a great revenue stream that can make your blogging side business the perfect main income. And you can improve interaction on your website by having videos on your pages and posts.

The template can also support full banners. These can add images and videos to your website. You can also have clear calls to action to encourage further action on your website.


Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Rally Template

Rally Highlights:

  • Optimized for loading speed, allowing you to reduce bounce rate and improve revenues.
  • Lost all the blog posts on your website to get audiences to read lots.
  • There is an impressive smooth scrolling action that can help you to improve your customer’s experience on your website.
  • Has been designed to support bloggers in getting their websites found on search engines.

Rally utilizes a great design to produce a scrolling design for a streamlined website. This template is for content creators to promote their work and get their brand noticed. To help audiences find more content on your website, you can use the excellent menu options and social media buttons easily.

The template is known to be the perfect blogging platform. Blogging is so easy that you can easily add several new pieces of your content on a regular basis. You should be publishing content more than 15 times per month to get the most from your efforts. Those who publish at this level can generate more revenue through high traffic levels, leads, and sales. If you have more traffic, you can also improve your website’s sponsorship rates.

The template’s scrolling action is really smooth. This improves the experience for your users on the website. This Squarespace template is also perfect for speed. A faster website is great for improving conversions and revenue from your site. It can also help you rank higher on search engines.


Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Jasper Template

Jasper Highlights:

  • An easy-to-maintain website that can feature lots of different media types.
  • Has a grid-based design for easy ranking and fast loading on your website.
  • Tell emotional stories to get audiences engaged and convert more of them.
  • Rank easily on Google and other search engines with a few good practices.

Jasper is one of the most simple templates for Squarespace that can be used for blogging. Simple websites can offer you a fast loading time and this can help you rank higher on search engines. The simple template can also be great for helping you maintain the website. The front page of this website template is perfect for displaying key products or features of your brand. This can be seen as a grid-style layout that can be alluring.

The design of the homepage can include animations that will engage your audiences and keep them on your website for longer. There are also scaling fonts within the page headers to make your website easier to read.

The template includes project pages that can be used to keep projects together. You can use these to build pages for keeping all the blog posts about one project in one place. You can also use the template to tell emotive stories.


Squarespace Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Native Template

Native Highlights:

  • Can display the location of the basis of the blog post.
  • Round thumbnails that look unique and engaging.
  • Built-in social media functionality.
  • Scrolling design that looks awesome.

Native is one of the top blogging templates available for use. It has a clean, scrolling page design that is the best choice for travel, food, and other bloggers. You can use a lot of images within the posts on your website to help engage audiences with ease. And with high-quality images, you’ll be sure to turn your website into a revenue-generating site with little to no extra effort.

All images that you use can be displayed in galleries as well. These can include a round thumbnail image that can appear above blog post excerpts. There’s easy integration with social media channels, which is important. There are built-in social media icons within the footer of the template.

The template also has great map features, perfect for travel bloggers, where you can display the exact position of where you’ve visited. You can also display your specific location on each blog entry — a great feature for travel bloggers who visit multiple locations.

Enhancing Your Squarespace Blog's Appeal

To elevate your Squarespace blog, consider these key aspects: design, functionality, and content strategy. These elements are crucial for engaging your audience and optimizing your blog's performance.

Design Dynamics

Focus on a visually appealing layout that resonates with your target audience. This involves selecting a theme that aligns with your brand's aesthetic and message. Ensure your design is not only attractive but also user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation for your readers.

Functional Flexibility

Your blog should be adaptable to various devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Incorporate responsive design elements that adjust to different screen sizes. This adaptability enhances user engagement and contributes to better search engine rankings.

Content Strategy

Develop a robust content strategy that addresses your audience's interests and needs. Regularly update your blog with fresh, relevant content to keep your audience engaged and encourage repeat visits. Utilize analytics to understand your audience better and tailor your content accordingly.

Optimizing Squarespace Blog Performance

To maximize the potential of your Squarespace blog, focus on speed, SEO, and social integration. These factors are vital for attracting and retaining visitors, as well as boosting your online presence.

Speed and Efficiency

Ensure your blog loads quickly to reduce bounce rates and improve user experience. Optimize images and minimize the use of heavy scripts to enhance loading times. A fast-loading blog is more likely to retain visitors and perform better in search engine rankings.

SEO Enhancement

Implement effective SEO strategies to increase your blog's visibility on search engines. This includes optimizing titles, descriptions, and keywords, as well as ensuring your content is high-quality and relevant. Regularly update your blog to keep it fresh and appealing to search engines.

Social Media Integration

Integrate social media into your blog to expand your reach and engage with a broader audience. Include social sharing buttons, and links to your social media profiles, and promote your blog posts on various social platforms. This integration helps in building a community around your blog and driving traffic.

Conclusion: 10 Best Squarespace Blog Templates

Squarespace Blog templates are great additions to any business, whether you’re going to be a professional blogger, want one for a sideline business, or want a blog for your business. They have great features that can help you sell more. So which Squarespace blog template will you use?