10 Best Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates

10 Best Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates

For a recipe blog, you are going to want to have a great website to showcase your recipe creations and a great blog. Squarespace is a great platform to set up a website for a recipe blog with lots of fantastic templates to choose from.

You can also monetize your website, perhaps by selling your recipe book directly on your website or by selling cooking items. This could be through affiliate marketing. You’ll want a fast website that is optimized for mobile. You are likely to have lots of people looking at your blog while on their phones when cooking.

In this article, we have 10 of the best templates for a Squarespace recipe blog.

What are you Looking for in the Best Squarespace Recipe Blog?

When you are looking to start a Squarespace recipe blog you are going to want a great template that enables you to showcase lots of great images of the meals that can be created with the recipes in your blog. You’ll want to make sure you can link to your social media accounts to advertise your latest blog posts and encourage visitors to your website to stay in touch with you.

You can use call-to-action buttons to encourage website visitors to stay in contact by joining your mailing list. You can send out a weekly email detailing your latest blog posts and links to your website. You can also include affiliate marketing and products available in your store. If you have eCommerce capabilities on your Squarespace blog then you can perhaps sell your recipe book or essential kitchen equipment you recommend for example.

An about us page will enable you to share your story with your fans and can help improve social proof. It is popular to add a picture of yourself or your team to your About Us page. Your homepage can have one large image as a banner or a lot of white space with one smaller picture. You might prefer a grid-based design with lots of recipe images on the front page to attract a wider audience to your recipes.

If you choose a template that is mobile optimized you can make sure that people can check out your recipes while on the go and this will also help with SEO (search engine optimization) as does the speed of your website so you want a fast-loading template. Once your website takes longer than three seconds to upload you will find that you lose significant numbers of website visitors.

So, which is the best Squarespace recipe blog template? Here are some options in the article below.

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Top Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template

Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of  Skye Template

Skye Highlights:

  • Perfect for a blog.
  • Hidden slide-out left-hand side menu.
  • Great editing functions.
  • Impressive full-screen design.

This template is easy to customize so you can make sure it matches your branding. You can have the initial website set up within ten minutes. With the grid-based design, it is ideal for a blog that relies on lots of images like the pictures you’ll have of all the recipes that your fans can create from your blog. You can also include videos of you making your recipes to accompany your blog posts. A variety of media will increase visitor engagement.

This is a fully optimized, fast template that works well on mobile. It is ideal for blogging and is used by lots of other bloggers including lifestyle and travel blogs. The design is full screen and it offers great navigation of your site with a hidden slide-out left-hand menu.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of  Jasper Template

Jasper Highlights:

  • A simple template to suit a blog.
  • Allows for fast-loading pages.
  • Include animations that will engage your audience.
  • Easy to edit your website.

This simple template will help you tell stories about your recipes through your brand. It is easy to maintain this template and you can include lots of different media. There is a grid-based design for lots of images of your recipes. With this app, you can rank higher on Google and other search engines thanks to the fast loading times. Animations will engage your audience and there are page templates to choose from.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of  Rally Template

Rally Highlights:

  • Scrolling design for streamlined websites.
  • A menu option that allows you to add navigational controls.
  • Social media buttons to connect your audience to your social accounts.
  • The load times on this template are fast.

With this template, you can list your blog posts to encourage website visitors to read more. There is an impressive smooth scrolling animation and the template is optimized for search engines to help you get your recipes found and used. The menu option will help with website navigation. You can add social media buttons for social proof.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of  Ventura Template

Ventura Highlights:

  • Minimalist and clean design.
  • High-Quality Image Display
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Customizable Layout Options

With this template which is ideal for a recipe blog, you can enable eCommerce. It has a minimalist design and can enable you to rank highly on Google and other search engines. There is a mailing list sign-up form to build your list. The pages load quickly and will help with your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template

Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Ready Template

Ready Highlights:

  • The white background is clean.
  • Display high-quality images for your website.
  • Hidden menu on the left-hand side.
  • Allows for a call-to-action button.

This template offers an aesthetically pleasing design with a minimalist design. You can include monetization of your recipe blog and you will have good loading times. You can add social media links to connect your audience with your social media accounts. It has a white background and enables you to display high-quality images to go alongside your blogs.

You can have a call-to-action to encourage customers to either contact you or direct readers to your latest blog. Lots of great navigational options and the menu is hidden on the left-hand side of the page. The menu will only appear when the customer clicks on an icon.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Carson Template

Carson Highlights

  • An easy template to use.
  • Unique design for your new blog.
  • Static homepage.
  • Hidden menu to aid navigation across your website.

This is a unique template with a static background that changes as the visitor to your website moves their cursor across the screens. You can highlight key blogs and place social media buttons. There’s a hidden menu as well to aid navigation of your website.

Sofia Rey

Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Sofia Rey Template

Sofia Rey Highlights:

  • The template is fully customizable
  • Grid-based template.
  • Vibrant and sleek website.
  • Build a highly successful blog.

With this grid-based template, you can have a sleek website for your recipe blog. It is vibrant and sleek and easily customizable. There are eCommerce options and you can link to your social media with ease and add reviews for social proof. You can also include an about me and a resume section. A great navigational system on the platform.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Kent Template

Kent Highlights:

  • A highly popular template.
  • Hosting videos on YouTube.
  • Generate more revenue through eCommerce.
  • Numerous page templates.

This template makes an attractive design for a recipe blog that will help you rank well on Google and other search engines. You can also get your videos on your website but have them hosted on YouTube to make sure your website speed is not affected by them. You can take payments for eCommerce with this template.

You can also create lots of attention-grabbing headlines which can be applied to blog posts, and products, and attract a large audience. There are lots of page templates to choose from including your blog, event pages, and blogging.

There are a lot of templates that you can use, including how you can design your blog, product pages, and even event pages. This template is ideal for eCommerce websites as well as blogging.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Lange Template

Lange Highlights:

  • Full-bleed images that can showcase your work.
  • Spaces for notes and credits.
  • Great intuitive navigation on the design.
  • Good for ranking well on Google and other search engines.

This template is ideal for a recipe blog where you showcase all the great images of the food that can be made with your recipes. There are full-bleed images to highlight your best images and you can add notes to images. The navigation is intuitive and will help your audience navigate your store. This app is great for ranking on Google and other search engines to attract more visitors to your recipe blog.


Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates -  Cartoon of Wells Template

Wells Highlights:

  • Easy to edit and maintain.
  • Can include videos of your recipes being made.
  • ECommerce capabilities to monetize your blog.
  • Direct your web visitors to your social media accounts with ease.

A great design to showcase your blog and you can include videos of your recipes being made with ease. Videos are added by embedding the URL of your videos into the website page. Squarespace then does the rest. This template is easy to set up your blog and manage. It also has eCommerce capabilities so you can sell your recipe book or include affiliate marketing. You can also direct guests to your social media profiles with ease.

Enhancing Your Squarespace Recipe Blog

Visual Appeal and Layout

Creating a visually appealing blog is crucial for attracting and retaining readers. A clean, organized layout with high-quality images can significantly enhance the user experience. Consider incorporating a grid or masonry-style layout to showcase your recipes in an attractive, easy-to-navigate format. This approach not only makes your blog visually appealing but also helps visitors quickly find what they're looking for.

Blog Functionality and Features

To make your recipe blog more interactive and user-friendly, focus on incorporating features like a search bar and blog post categories. A search bar allows visitors to easily find specific recipes, while categorizing posts help in organizing content efficiently. These features not only improve the user experience but also contribute to the overall functionality of your blog.

Community Engagement and Interaction

Engaging with your audience is key to building a community around your blog. Enable comments on your posts to encourage interaction and feedback. Responding to comments and questions can create a sense of community and make your readers feel valued. This interaction not only fosters a loyal audience but also provides valuable insights into your readers' preferences.

Maximizing Blog Performance

SEO Optimization

Optimizing your blog for search engines is essential for increasing visibility and attracting more visitors. Focus on using relevant keywords, optimizing images, and ensuring fast loading times. A well-optimized blog is more likely to appear in search results, drawing in a wider audience.

Mobile Responsiveness

With a significant number of users accessing blogs via mobile devices, ensuring your blog is mobile-friendly is crucial. A responsive design adapts to different screen sizes, providing a seamless experience for mobile users. This not only improves user engagement but also contributes to better search engine rankings.

Monetization Strategies

Consider various monetization strategies to generate revenue from your blog. Affiliate marketing, selling digital products like recipe books, and incorporating sponsored content are effective ways to monetize your blog. Ensure these strategies align with your content and audience to maintain authenticity and trust.

Conclusion: 10 Best Squarespace Recipe Blog Templates

Here we have 10 great options for a Squarespace recipe blog. These templates offer great blogging functions and are easy to customize. You’ll want to be able to showcase lots of great images of the meals that can be made with your recipes and including videos of your recipes being made will help increase visitor engagement.

You can choose between one large hero image or banner for your homepage picture or, you might want a grid-based style with lots of images on the homepage. Which template will you choose to use?

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