Which Squarespace Template Is Best for Video?

Which Squarespace Template Is Best for Video?

Videos are a popular media option on all websites. According to experts, about half of all the content that users will consume on the internet will be video within the next few years. And this could rise. However, videos can only be displayed on the top templates that are designed for showcasing videos.

This is for several reasons. For one, videos take up a lot of memory and therefore can reduce the speed of your website down. Videos can also be very particular to how they’re displayed. The wrong template can often mean that your video is of a poorer quality.

Squarespace is one of the best platforms when it comes to showcasing videos on your website. This is because the technology in Squarespace allows you to link YouTube videos to your Squarespace website. This is done just by adding the link of the video into the content of your website.

What Else do you Need for Video Templates?

There are many other aspects that you require to have your Squarespace template for videos. Here are some of the things that you’re going to look at.

Optimized for Search Engine

The first thing that you need to look at is the potential to rank on Google and other search engines. There are lots of elements that make up a good optimized website for search engines. This includes places for you to add in keywords, image spaces and the navigation of the website.

Optimized for Speed

Another thing to consider that is connected to the SEO potential is the speed of your website. Your website needs to be fast. For every second that your website takes to load, you’re going to lose about 7% of your site’s revenue. If you’re an eCommerce business then you’re going to lose a lot of money. Sites without video can sometimes take 8 to 11 seconds to load, whereas those with videos can take longer.

Therefore, check the speed of the video template for your website.

Revenue Potential

There are lots of ways that you can earn money on your website. You could sell products, services, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, membership and more. But you need to ensure that your template is good enough for your website to earn money on.

Be sure that you think about money revenue before you buy a template.

You must Like the Template

Finally, you must like the template that you’re working with. A good template that you like will have more of your attention and this will mean that you get a better website. So be sure that when looking at templates that you really like the demo site.

Final Word: Which Squarespace Template Is Best for Video?

There are about 110 Squarespace templates available. Not all are great for videos but many, like Skye, can be a great option when it comes to hosting videos on your website.